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Temple fair in Beijing blends tradition with modernity
Long-awaited snow exhilarates parched Beijing

Death of panda leaves many questions unanswered

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Top: A 2011 photo shows female panda Jinyi at the Zhengzhou Zoo on her arrival on March 17 from Sichuan. Tian Zhongyu / for China Daily Left: Longsheng, a male giant panda, lives alone after Jinyi died early this month. Tang Jia / for China Daily Right: Visitors leave flowers to express their sadness. The results of tests currently under way are expected to determine the cause of Jinyi's death. Wang Zhongju / for China Daily

Public shows concern with zoo's actions and comments, and questions its responsibility, report Yang Yang in Zhengzhou, Hu Yongqi and Wu Wencong in Beijing.On Valentine's Day, Longsheng, a giant panda at Zhengzhou Zoo, climbed down from his wooden bed to the window and reached out slowly with his right paw to grasp a red carrot from his feeding tray. He seemed lonely without his female companion, Jinyi, who had died on Feb 9.Seemingly oblivious to the loss, visitors thronged the...

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US Arctic envoy shows regional race

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Speculation stirs over Xi-Ma talks

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