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Temple fair in Beijing blends tradition with modernity
Long-awaited snow exhilarates parched Beijing

Focused Russian chases childhood ambition

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Children from Russia show their calligraphy work. Provided to China Daily

My Chinese name is Luo Weiwei but people call me Da Wei. I come from Russia and I study Chinese Literature in China. I was introduced to the country in an unusual way, through a toy.My hometown is in the southwestern part of Russia, where there are almost no Chinese people and no one speaks the language. However, when I was in the fourth grade of primary school I decided to learn Chinese.It was because of a toy my grandmother...

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Japan's GrapeCity: At home in Xi'an

After buying ComponentOne  in 2012 and celebrating 25 years in Xi'an last year, business and educational software developer GrapeCity is now looking to expand overseas. The acquisition of ComponentOne, which creates development tools for Microsoft, iPhone... Read more


Beijing's hutong history

Beijing's buildings and the people who have lived in them have drawn attention to the preservation of Shijia hutong.Residents in the hutong registered a civil society group in August under the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau,... Read more


Sea change

120 years after its naval defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War, the country looks to stronger maritime power.At the sound of a steam whistle, the troops on the People's Liberation Army navy cruiser spread white... Read more