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The inside scenery just looks like a world of fairy tales.
Take a view of the scenery of an ice cave in Luyashan Mountain.
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    China pushes back ‘economic war’ talk from WH’s Bannon

    Beijing on Thursday rebuffed comments by White House chief strategist Steve Bannon that China and the US are in an “economic war”.

    Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that a trade war does not serve the interests of either party, as fighting one will not produce a winner.

    “We hope that the relevant persons can stop perceiving an issue of the 21st century with the zero-sum mentality of the 19th or 20th century,” she told a daily briefing in Beijing.

    Her comment came a day after the American Prospect published an interview with Bannon.

    In the interview, Bannon claimed that “we’re at economic war with China. One of... Read more

    Xi, Dunford talk stability of region

    Korean Peninsula, security topics as regional issues heat up President Xi Jinping described the ups and downs of China-US ties by saying, "A rainbow appears after winds and tides", and added the two sides should treat each other with sincerity and kindness, have closer contacts and properly tackle disagreements. Xi made the comments on Thursday in a meeting with US Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of... Read more

    ‘Comfort women’ film a sleeper hit

    A documentary film on the lives of 22 sex slaves in China who survived World War II has become an unlikely hit. Su Beiqi, the head of the film's promotional team, said they expected the low-budget documentary, Twenty Two, which was shown on just 1 percent of China's 45,000 screens on its opening day Monday, which was international "comfort women" day, to have fewer screens... Read more

    Economy strong going into 2nd half

    The Chinese economy is expected to remain resilient in the second half, as continued efforts to promote economic transformation will support the economy as it bottoms out, experts said. China's economy steamed along in the second quarter with 6.9 percent GDP growth, beating market expectations and hovering well above previous institutional forecasts. "The resilience of the economy can be seen by the relatively high growth rate... Read more

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