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The inside scenery just looks like a world of fairy tales.
Take a view of the scenery of an ice cave in Luyashan Mountain.
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    Mongolia to get help from China

    Beijing will expand economic aid as ties ‘ready for another start’

    China extended its support to Mongolia on Monday for overcoming economic difficulties, as Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a number of measures to help the debt-ridden neighbor.

    Observers said that since the bilateral ties are emerging from a time of political frustration, Beijing’s latest help is a sincere move to assist the landlocked neighbor to diversify its economy.

    The measures include providing assistance and favorable loan terms to Mongolia and extending a bilateral currency swap deal that is vital to Mongolia’s foreign trade and currency stability, according to a joint news conference after Wang’s talks with... Read more

    Girl gaining weight so she can donate bone marrow to sick mom

    An 8-year-old girl is continuing to eat more in the hope of gaining enough weight to meet a requirement for transplanting bone marrow to her ailing mother. Xiao Huixuan, from Shouguang, Shandong province, has already gained about 5 kilograms in less than two months after she learned she could be a donor match for her mother, Ba Lili, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015. Of... Read more

    US urged to uphold one-China promise

    Beijing insists on opposing US, Taiwan engaging in any form of official contact Beijing reiterated its strong opposition to official exchanges and military connections between the United States and Taiwan, amid recent reports that the US Marines would be posted in a nonprofit organization in Taiwan. "China consistently and firmly opposes the US and Taiwan engaging in any form of official contact or military connection," Foreign... Read more

    China to jump supercomputer barrier

    China has started to build a new-generation supercomputer that is expected to be 10 times faster than the current world champion. This year, China is aiming for breakthroughs in high-performance processors and other key technologies to build the world's first prototype exascale supercomputer, the Tianhe-3, said Meng Xiangfei, the director of application at the National Super Computer Tianjin Center. The prototype is expected to be... Read more

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