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Home to the Giant Panda

In the early morning of July 16, 2005, someone spotted a dark figure climbing over a 10-foot wall. Suspecting robbery,he called a few guys for help. When they closed in, they got a bigger surprise than they ever expected.   The thief was none other than a giant panda, — a wild one at that. And […]

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Writer determined to keep Tibetan arts alive

In Tibet, most people are unaware of the works of William Shakespeare, but mention the name Soinam Cering and almost everyone will be able to name at least some of his crosstalk dramas.   Always seen wearing his trademark leather hat, the 63-year-old is known as the first playwright in the Tibetan language, the compiler of […]

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Yuan breaks 7 against the dollar

The central parity rate of the yuan yesterday breached the psychological mark of 7 against the U.S. dollar, exacerbating the woes of exporters and manufacturers.   The central bank set the rate at 6.992 yuan to the greenback, the first time the currency has broken through 7 since the yuan’s peg to the US currency was […]

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When there’s no stock answer to the question

Stocks have nosedived in the past few months, and there is more than one reason. Jin Jing looks at problems plaguing the mainland bourse   The stock market boom not long ago not only provided a steady source of funds for thousands of domestic enterprises, but was also a fountain of hope for many aspiring entrepreneurs. […]

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Measures to improve city’s air quality

Work at Beijing construction sites will be suspended in the run-up to, and during, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the municipal government announced on April 14, stressing that more temporary measurements will be taken to ensure good air quality in Beijing.   The suspension — along with a slew of other initiatives — to be effective […]

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TCM helps Yao on road to recovery

Fans of basketball superstar Yao Ming worldwide breathed a collective sigh of relief when the March 4 surgery on his left footin Houston, Texas, was declared a success.   Applause followed over the news that the Houston Rockets center is expected to fully recover from the stress fracture in four months, just in time for the […]

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