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Shanghai Expo tries to shrug off global slowdown

NEW YORK: The economic recession is raising doubts about how strong a presence the US will have at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, as companies try to raise the $61 million in private funding needed to build a pavilion at the fair. Under US law, the pavilion cannot be funded with public money. However, […]

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Nation stems population tide

The country’s one-child policy has ensured that the fruits of fast growth benefit all the people, writes Li Xing. In 1974, 25-year-old Sun Hongchun married Chu Wenfa, the 10th child in an extended family of some 60 members in Shandong province. Sun would hear her mother-in-law –  whose generation of women had an average of […]

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Mending medical care on the ground

A cooperative plan in Laiwu, Shandong province, is improving healthcare for farmers, as Tan Yingzi reports When 45-year-old Wang Xiuzhi fractured her knees working in the fields, she was faced with the daunting option of traveling at least three hours by bus to a hospital in the nearest city. Treatment there was guaranteed to be […]

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How to define this unique market

Earlier this year, China surpassed Germany to become the world’s third largest market, trailing only the US and Japan. And just last year, it showed the world it could put on an Olympic Games with the best of them. These milestones, along with the fact that much of the world is looking to the country’s […]

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Future brighter for renewable energy sector

Zhao Chunjiang paid a high price to save about 3 tons of coal from being burned with their consequent 9 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the past two years. The 55-year-old college professor and a solar energy enthusiast in Shanghai did that by building China’s first family power generator plant, using 22 solar panels […]

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Discovering Chengdu

Though Chengdu is a modern and dynamic city today, the capital of Sichuan province, China, can trace its roots back more than 3,500 years, a historic legacy embodied in an ancient golden sunbird disc unearthed at its Jinsha archaeological site. Now used as part of Chengdu’s identity– and since 2005 as a logo by the […]

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