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This dragon will innovate

Pick up your iPod and turn it around. Note the cool and somewhat snobby phrase that’s printed on the back of the device: “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” These eight words speak volumes about the Middle Kingdom’s role to date in the global economic food chain. But it’s already a seriously outdated […]

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Only respect will restore trust rioters destroyed

July 4 was like any other Saturday for Guli Hazret. She was in a bar drinking and chatting with friends, both Uygur and Han. She knew her shift at the hospital the next day did not start until 7 pm. “Plenty of time for a hangover,” she thought. At that moment, she did not have […]

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Imitation to innovation

Interested in a phone that is not just hi-tech but also doubles as electric shaver and cigarette holder? Sanzhaiji is your answer, reports Fierce competition is transforming the shanzhaiji — or “mountain village mobile phones” — market and its cultural impact. For years, most users used shanzhai to just mean “fake”. But the vicious rivalry […]

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‘East Turkistan’ a concept forged by the deceit of separatists, not history

The term “Turkistan” appeared in Arabic geographical works in the Middle Ages. It meant “the region of the Turks” and referred to the areas north of the Sir River in Central Asia and the adjoining areas to the east of the river. As time went by, the modern ethnic groups inCentral Asia rose one after […]

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Children go global with Mandarin

With cities across the United States seeing their fortunes ride on an increasingly global economy, officials in Lorain, Ohio, aim to give their residents a very early jump on internationalization. Their ambition: Get pint-size pupils fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Early next year, the Lorain City Schools district will begin offering a total immersion program placing […]

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Trade, energy form basis for talks

Climate change and economic crisis are expected to top the agenda of the first US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue between top Chinese and U.S. leaders. Opening in Washington on July 27, the two-day dialogue “will focus on addressing the challenges and opportunities that both countries face on a wide range of bilateral, regional and global […]

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