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Time for RMB appreciation?

Financial experts debate the pros and cons of calls for China to revalue its currency EDITOR’S NOTE: To revalue the yuan or not? This has been one of the hottest topics for the past decade and it has become an issue not only for Chinese policymakers but other governments around the world. The upcoming G20 […]

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The world comes to Shanghai

Expo 2011 has everything, including the crowds, Matt Hodges reports. The Expo 2010 Shanghai is not Disneyland. It’s a lot further away, for starters, and it’s got a limited shelf life. In less than five months it will disappear, with scores of fantasy-like national pavilions and billions of dollars of investment vanishing as fast as […]

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SWFs serve as a stabilizing force

Jin Liqun, Expert’s View Until a couple of years ago, few laymen had ever heard of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), and others had not bothered that much. But such funds have actually been in existence for more than half a century. As this financial species continues to multiply, and the pool of their total resources […]

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Shanghai: the new Far East

The city revels in the new while capturing its past, Matt Hodges reports The opium dens are long gone but the spirit of old Shanghai lives on in the city’s revamped Bund waterfront and its former French Concession, two of many reasons to visit a thriving metropolis that locals refer to as the New York […]

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Join in the spirit of Shanghai

Dear American friends, During the pleasant days of a Shanghai summer, Expo 2010 is being staged. This is a worldwide gala to showcase global achievements and a grand gathering for people from around the world to share joy and friendship. Every day, people from different countries, races and cultural backgrounds gather in Shanghai to visit […]

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China to maintain stable forex rate

Revaluation unlikely despite surging exports, Wang Xing and Xin Zhiming report. Beijing — China’s central bank said on June 20 that it will maintain a stable exchange rate and there will not be any drastic fluctuations in the value of yuan. This was despite its statement the previous day saying the country would make its […]

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