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Shifting sands of power

The recent ascent of emerging markets has changed the economic and political landscapes. As some in the West see it, developing countries in Asia are becoming global plants with massive manufacturing capacity, flooding OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries with their products and capital, and accumulating hard currencies in their war chest. This […]

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Sportswear companies go head to head

BEIJING – Li Ning Co Ltd, China’s leading sportswear brand, has raised the stakes yet again in its battle with global leaders Nike Inc and Adidas AG. The Beijing-based company announced last week it had signed up National Basketball Association star Evan Turner, set to play for the Philadelphia 76ers next season, in a multi-million […]

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Debate: Economic onus

How should China take its economic rise? A Chinese professor says it should learn from Japan’s experience, while a senior Japanese consultant says it cannot avoid shouldering its additional global responsibilities. Huang Dahui Still a lot to learn from Japan China’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three decades. It has […]

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Opening the doors to learning

Yale professor Shelly Kagan doesn’t speak Chinese, but thanks to online subtitling groups, thousands of Chinese students can now listen to Kagan’s lectures. Over the past few months, China’s top-ranked volunteer translation group, YYeTs, has subtitled 10 of Yale University’s Open Courses for viewers to download for free, including Kagan’s philosophy class on death. Open […]

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Rich splash out on new status symbol

QINGDAO, Shandong – Yacht owners in China tend to keep a low profile, both to conceal their wealth and protect their privacy.  “A yacht is like a mobile home: You don’t want to invite crowds to visit your home, right?” said Dong Yongquan, president of the Qingdao International Yacht Club, which has been operating the […]

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Brides and prejudice in China

China’s widening gender gap threatens to cause “irreversible” damage to the traditional family unit and could lead to more women being abducted, trafficked or sold into marriage, experts have warned.  The disparity between the number of male and female babies born across the country has been steadily increasing since the 1980s. Studies by the National […]

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