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An old China hand

Diplomat Nicholas Platt has an insider’s insight on the developing relationship between China and the US. Chen Weihua reports. When former United States president Richard Nixon stepped off Air Force One during his historic visit to China on the sunny but cold day of Feb 21, 1972, Nicholas Platt, then a junior China specialist at […]

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Friction inevitable as bonds grow stronger

Experts hail growing culture of cooperation between China and the US, but warn that closer ties do not rule out possible strains in the relationship. A survey, which was conducted by China Daily and Horizon Research Consultancy Group and took a sample of 1,443 citizens in seven major cities across China, shows how Chinese people […]

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Double standards of Western companies

For months, the West has been attacking China for tightening control of its rare earth exports.The assault is likely to escalate, as China recently announced it would slash its rare earth export quota by 37 percent for the first half of 2011. China is also introducing more stringent environmental standards for the rare earth industry, […]

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New standards for rare earth sector

Rules part of efforts to crack down on illegal mining, reduce exportsBEIJING – A set of new industry standards aimed at reducing pollution and to regulate practices by rare earth mining companies is set to be revealed this year, after obtaining the appropriate approval from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), said an expert who […]

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Foster: A steady boat to China

HOUSTON, Texas – When he was little, he was so familiar with the song, On a Slow Boat to China, written by Frank Loesser (1910-1969) and copyrighted in 1948. In that year, he was only 6. When he was young, he joined a team preparing for President Richard Nixon’s visit to China. When Deng Xiaoping […]

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Business in China has come a long way, says UK veteran

There was one way to guarantee an audience when he first started doing business in China nearly 25 years ago, Peter Batey says. For a Westerner, just stringing a few Chinese words together was almost like a circus act, the 52-year-old chairman of private equity and corporate advisory firm Vermilion Partners says. “It was such […]

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