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Tibet’s Best Kept Secret

August is the harvest season in Tibet, and the weather is most pleasant. The cool climes would offer a perfect escape from the wilting heat of other parts of the country. Mysterious Tibet becomes even more attractive to travelers. From the crowded capital city Lhasa to the sparsely populated western Ali area, hordes of tourists […]

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Search for a single, effective jadeite quality standard

The first diamond quality certificate was shown at the 2011 Yunnan High-Grade Jadeite Appreciation Conference, on April 21. The first regional jadeite quality standards in Yunnan have come from the province’s Gem and Jade Quality Supervision Inspection and Research Institute, in a move to “discipline the flourishing market.” The Grade Quality of Diamonds and Gemstones […]

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Public subsidies going to housing

Dawa, a 48-year-old farmer in a small village in the Tibet autonomous region, has seen many recent changes in both his house and life. His family, who lives in Sangmda village of Doilungdeqen county near Lhasa, built a house at the end of 2008 after having received a subsidy of 24,000 yuan ($3,660) from the […]

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Profits back into school

It was in the 1990s that more amateur climbers began to attempt scaling some of the world’s most difficult peaks. Tibet has five peaks that are above 8,000 meters, more than 70 above 7,000 meters and thousands above 6,000 meters. Tibet’s three 8,000-meter peaks — Qomolangma, Shisha Pangma and Cho Oyu — see more than […]

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Memories Etched in Ink

The color of soy sauce,” said Tibetan-born artist Huang Jialin when he is asked to pick one hue to describe the playground of his youth — the 1,300-year-old Barkhor Street in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region. Huang, 45, trawled its length as a petty thief and odd-jobs man in his teenage years, before […]

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In the pursuit of scientific research

When scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences came looking for a site in Tibet to study cosmic rays that could shed light on the origin of the universe, Tsewang Gyumey immediately sensed its gravity. “Here was a chance for our students and teachers to serve mankind in a leading science project,” he said. The […]

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