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More Chinese flock to US schools but at steep price

NEW YORK – Dennis Wang and Herman Qiao, both 18, are absolutely sick of being in the United States. “We don’t want to spend a single day more than necessary in the US,” said Wang, who speaks with a bit of tediousness in his voice, has his stylish hair dyed yellow and is holding a […]

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China gets closer to Latin America

NEW YORK – Vice-President Xi Jinping’s recently concluded three-nation tour of Latin America is likely to further enhance China’s relations with the region, experts said. China’s economic ties with Latin America are booming and its trade with the region totaled $180 billion last year, up 50 percent from 2009, according to Xinhua News Agency. “That’s […]

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Crunch myth about China’s military threat

BEIJING – A deadly killer jet that can take on the most advanced military fighters of the world’s sole superpower. A behemoth “ship” under construction that will project the military power of the “Middle Kingdom” further off its coast. An army of cyber hackers ready to do all the havoc on the Internet. These days, […]

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In the service of the gods

There is no TV, Internet or cell phone for the young lamas of Lhasa’s Kunde Ling monastery. But there is a deep conviction that they are there for a higher purpose. Peng Yining reports. Penpa is up at 6 am. Shivering in the icy morning winds in Lhasa, the 16-year-old lama cocoons himself in a […]

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A school that shapes China’s future

This might be the most mysterious school in China. The gates are closely guarded by the People’s Armed Police, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Headmasters of this place, a training ground for future leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC), are always one of the country’s vice-presidents, if not the president. […]

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RMB’s bumpy road ahead

Appreciation expectations of speculators are posing challenges to internationalization of renminbi Recently, HSBC bank released an upbeat survey predicting that China’s currency, the renminbi (RMB), will become one of three global settlement currencies, alongside the dollar and euro, sometime this year. The RMB’s internationalization seems to have been progressing without anyone really noticing. The key […]

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