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Rising voice

After train crash, China’s Net users made themselves heard in a new way, Yu Ran reports in Shanghai. At 8:47 pm on July 23, a message posted on Sina Weibo began receiving a lot of attention: “Our train bumped into something. Our carriage has fallen onto its side. Children are screaming… Come help us please! […]

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Carrier set for maiden voyage

No change in defense strategy for research and training vessel. China is making use of an obsolete aircraft carrier that was bought from Ukraine and is being refitted for scientific research and training purposes, a top military spokesman said on Wednesday. “The warship has no problem with sailing since it has been docked in the […]

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Soft Economic Landing Expected

But hard questions remain on the inflation front. Is the China economy heading for a hard or a soft landing? Many of the recent indicators have presented a worrying picture. Manufacturing output, as measured by the Purchasing Managers’ Index published by HSBC, fell this month to below the 50-mark (an indication of a contraction) to […]

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Smaller Carbon Footprint Plans

China has set targets to boost its non-fossil-fuel use to 15 percent of energy consumption by 2020. BEIJING – China will soon release detailed plans on ensuring that its goal for reducing carbon intensity from 2011 to 2015 is attainable, and it has started looking at technical options for cutting carbon dioxide emissions after 2020. […]

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Developing new frontiers

Exporters seek emerging markets for manufacturing growth BEIJING – Three years ago, when the global financial crisis hit, Matthew Yang thought the worsthad come. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. Yang, a sales executive at a chemicals company, is preparing to travel to Brazil and Colombiato seek new business opportunities to make up for contracts […]

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Welcome to Heixiazi

Once-disputed border island opened as eco-tourism resort HEIXIAZI ISLAND, Heilongjiang – Heixiazi Island, a border island linking China and Russia, opened as a resort destination for Chinese tourists on Wednesday as part of an experiment to see if that change will prove mutually beneficial to the tourism industries in both countries. A group of about […]

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