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View to a thrill

To learn more about Confucius and — climb one of the world’s greatest mountains to boot — head to Shandong province. Shandong offers a week’s worth of wonderment that is refreshingly different from the Chinese capital. Majestic mountains and splashing springs make the provincial capital, Jinan, a common launching pad for excursions throughout Shandong. The […]

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Firming up Chinese with HSK

A foreigner hoping to learn Chinese is like a flabby person hoping to get in shape. The process is tough and it’s difficult to start but easy to backslide. In the same way the out-of-shape wish the kilograms would evaporate without crunches and calorie tallies, language learners imagine fluency without sweating through hundreds of hours […]

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Way of a warrior

In 2009, Swiss Liam Bates and his friends rode motorcycles from Tibet to Shanghai to film a documentary about the dreams and aspirations of young people they met during their journey. His left leg was broken when they were near their destination, and Bates was sent to a hospital in Shanghai. However, what was most […]

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Train of mystery

One Belgian university student has been on a track to China since childhood, Zhang Xi reports. Sid Gulinck enjoys traveling around China, and one of his most interesting adventures has been a freight train-hopping journey he made this year. Together with two friends, he was trekking along the border between Beijing and Hebei province and […]

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Foreign faces cause stir on TV

Video of a Russian TV host reporting news in Chinese on Jinzhou TV in Central China’s Hubei province has been sweeping the Internet, attracting more than 1 million clicks in a month. News reporting calls for a high level of Mandarin fluency and Yakovleva Elizaveta’s delivery is flawless as she reports on the opening of […]

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Teenager Introduces Confucian philosophy to Britain

At 12, James Kong, or Kong Chuixu, surprised his teacher by talking about the merits of self-cultivation and righteousness at a school camp in Barnes, London. At 15, he lectured fellow students aged 8 to 18 about Confucian values at a community event. Kong, now 17, is a second-generation immigrant to Britain. He was back […]

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