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Decoding the economic boom

Prominent scholar stresses that it is time for US, China to work together For more than 50 years, Orville Schell has been explaining China to Westerners. Much before his maiden visit to the Chinese mainland in 1975 at the age of 34, he had already written three books on China. During that trip when China […]

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HK is ‘a remarkable achievement’

HONG KONG – The concept of “One Country, Two Systems” has succeeded remarkably well,exceeding all expectations for Hong Kong, Chief Executive Donald Tsang told China Daily in anexclusive interview on Tuesday. “For someone like me, who served in government before and after 1997, it is a remarkableachievement, recognized by the rest of the world,” Tsang […]

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Erotica on stage

It is dance drawn from one of the most sensual books in Chinese history. The specially commissioned production for an arts festival was a sell-out success, but it may never be staged in the mainland. Chen Nan talks to Wang Yuanyuan, the choreographer of The Golden Lotus. For Wang Yuanyuan, her stage adaptation of the […]

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‘Zombies’ and ‘phantom’ fans haunt online statistics

Credible figures hard to verify amid hordes of fake followers, Zhang Yuchen reports in Beijing. With 1,500 fans on her micro blog, Wang Xiaohui feels like a celebrity as she posts photos and records her life, 140 characters at a time. Who cares if her fans are “zombies”? “More fans following me makes me look […]

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CEOs say good times can last

A China Daily survey of business leaders found that most believe China is well placed to build on the growth of the past decade, as Yang Ning and Gao Yuan report. It is a good sign that the large billboards advertising Standard Chartered Bank (China) Ltd’s housing loan service are still hanging at the busiest […]

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Communicating with one another successfully

The Haidian Science Park (HSP ) in Beijing’s Haidian district, has had its sights fixed on globalization for some time now and wants to use its technology, government policies, and investment to become a model of international cooperation. One possible source of this is a government-sponsored project in the district that uses Web 2.0 technology […]

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