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Secrets of long life in Bama

Bama Yao autonomous county in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was established in 1956. The local authority conducted a population census and was stunned by the result: Of a population of 130,000, there were 15 people aged more than 100 and dozens aged above 80. At that time, life expectancy in China was only 45, according […]

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China’s old people’s home

Bama in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is the hot new destination for China’s senior citizens who are in search of a quiet place to retire, Xu Lin and Huang Feifei report in Guangxi.  It was 8 am. Liu Zhenfa, 76, and his wife Wang Yaomin, 72, squatted down beside a spring to draw water […]

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Empty nests, pet dogs

China has an aging population. As more and more only children leave home to marry or work in other cities, elderly people are becoming increasingly lonely. Yet many are finding surrogate love from four-legged friends, Eric Jou and Han Bingbin report. On a cold winter’s night in Beijing, five heavily bundled-up figures huddled in the […]

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Healthy cut in medicine costs

Reforms will lower prices to bring more benefits, Yang Wanli and Jiang Xueqing report.  For years, Tan Shijin had refused to visit a nearby community health center. Instead, whenever he was sick, he would travel 5 kilometers to the nearest public hospital. “Doctors (at the center) were ill mannered and prescribed expensive drugs,” said the […]

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Nursing homes booming

An increasingly elderly population and burgeoning wealth are opening up the market, Tania Lee reports. Of all the unexpected things in Chinese society, moving into a nursing home is one of the most unusual. Nursing homes in China may appear to be very large and glamorous on the outside, but sometimes what’s on the inside […]

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Age-old financial question

Providing funds for the future may be a problem, Li Jing and Chen Jia report. China’s rapidly aging population is a ticking time bomb. Not only in terms of a predicted decline in the numbers of people available for work but, equally importantly, in paying the vast pensions bill. A census carried out in 2010 […]

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