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Digging up history

Recently unearthed archaeological treasures give scientists a fascinating insight into mankind’s origins, Zhang Yuchen reports. A large number of archaeological sites were unearthed in China last year.  Experts designated 48 as being particularly valuable and they are now being assessed for inclusion in the top 10 discoveries of 2011, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture […]

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Treasures from the deep sea

Chinese archaeologists race against thieves to salvage ancient relics that have lain on the seabed for centuries, Zhang Zixuan reports. At a depth of 27 meters, the archaeologist Ruan Yonghao found the baseline he had laid along a shipwreck nine months ago. He took a tool from his diving partner to mark several cabins in […]

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Of grave importance

Professional criminals target vulnerable cultural treasures, Zhang Yan reports. On Aug. 16, 2011, several men were busy shoveling mud out of a hole at an ancient gravesite when a patrol team discovered them. The team immediately called the police, who rushed to the site and detained the suspects. The four-member gang was headed by Pan […]

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A contemporary caveman

Rahman Amut leads a hermit-like existence, guarding the ancient Kizilgahr Grottoes in a remote desert, Shao Wei reports. Rahman Amut’s best friend was a mudstone which looked like a human face. It was lost in a recent spring flood. “The stone once stood opposite the grottoes, like a guardian,” the 39-year-old ethnic Uygur said. “It […]

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Oasis town offers link to glories of the past

It has been inextricably linked with the history of China, a name synonymous with the ancient Silk Road that connected the Chinese imperial East with the Roman Empire of the West. Many who know little about the precious oases that watered the caravans crossing the treacherous sand dunes will at least have heard about the […]

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Western views of China increasingly positive

An increasing number of people in Western countries view China’s influence in a favorable light, according to a BBC World Service poll published on Friday. The percentage of people in the United Kingdom who view China’s influence as positive grew from 38 percent in 2011 to 57 percent in 2012. Similar increases were reported in […]

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