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Solar power faces eclipse

Domestic industry battles to scale sunlit uplands, Xie Yu reports. It is hard not to notice the huge tilting walls at the headquarters of Suntech Power Holdings Co., the world’s largest producer of silicon solar modules, located in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province. Using solar power, the walls provide 80 percent of the electricity required […]

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Public services for Tibet’s monks

While ensuring the freedom of religious beliefs and protecting traditional cultural legacies, the government of the Tibet autonomous region is also trying hard to help locals enjoy the fruits of social and economic development. In the region there are nearly 1,700 Buddhist monasteries that are home to more than 46,000 clergy.  Improving services to monasteries […]

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Benefiting from changing times

Improvements in resources including water, electricity and Buddhist books are being made to help Tibetan monasteries, Liu Xiangrui and Dachiong report. Lhosanglungrig, 35, still remembers the unforgettable moment when he won first place last year after passing rounds of tests held at the Gandan Monastery in Tibet autonomous region for the Geshe Lharampa degree, the […]

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Tourism shines in coal and gold region

Over the next five years, the coal mining city of Hegang will continue to place top priority on developing its tourism industry as it moves away from dependence on a single resource. “We will develop cultural tourism to increase revenue from the industry and help with the transition from over-reliance on coal,” Hegang Party Secretary […]

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Yichun taps the wind as turbines rise

After trekking along a rough mountain road, hikers arrive atop Daqing Mountain and a spectacular sight is revealed. In view are a line of turbines for the wind power station built by Hinggan Mountains Wind Power Generation Co. Ltd. based in the city of Yichun. Cost of the overall project is expected to hit 130 […]

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Oil city Daqing now has thirst for dairy industry

A young city born from oil, Daqing is now moving to become more economically diverse in the face of dwindling reserves and environmental damage. Its local businesses grew 44 percent last year as the service industry generated 42 billion yuan ($6.67 billion) in revenues. Its vast agricultural site designed to yield up to 5 billion […]

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