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Author explores the history of China’s aviation industry

Beyond standard economic indicators of prosperity, certain industries can be seen as a microcosm of a country’s maturity.  James Fallows’ new book, China Airborne, argues that Chinese aviation is such an industry, worthy of closer examination for what its successes and shortcomings reflect about China’s technological and social progress. “There are a number of industries […]

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Sail to success

Chinese shipping titan COSCO has earned respect and gratitude in the U.S. over the past three decades, Zhang Yuwei reports in New York. When a vessel of China Ocean Shipping Group Co. sailed into the Port of Seattle in April 1979 carrying goods loaded in Shanghai, a new chapter in U.S.-Chinese maritime relations began. Liu […]

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Xi’an: Balancing preservation and prosperity

At one time or another, ancient cities with important historic relics like Xi’an face a tough balancing act — how to protect priceless cultural heritage and still encourage economic growth. City planners in the capital of Shaanxi province, home to the famed Terracotta Warriors and much more from ancient times, say they have found a […]

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Strained ties at 40th anniversary

Forty years ago — or 27 years after Japan’s surrender, which marked the end of Japanese aggression — China buried its pain and signed a joint declaration with Japan establishing diplomatic relations.  According to Confucius, one should have no doubts at the age of 40. But relations have become increasingly strained — particularly this year, […]

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International appeal

Domestic carriers expect to broaden global appeal through recruiting more foreign flight attendants, Wang Wen reports. Chinese airlines are on a recruitment drive for foreign flight attendants as the country’s aviation industry continues to enjoy healthy growth. All the major airlines contacted by China Daily have confirmed growing numbers of foreign crew, as they expand […]

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Learning new tongues opens doors for students

After a failed attempt last year, Gyltsan, a 20-year-old graduate of the Second High School in Shannan prefecture, is unsure if he will be able to enter Tibetan Traditional Medical College this year. “Tibetan Traditional Medical College has specific requirements for the Tibetan level of students it admits. I really want to enter. I also […]

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