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The perfect blend

Huishan Zhang wants to break the stereotype that clothes made in China are inferior. The 29- year-old is on the road to success with his fusion designs, Tiffany Tan catches up with him in Beijing.  To many of his middle school classmates, Huishan Zhang is still “the guy who was always wearing an ugly orange […]

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All things antique are new again

Forget about coveting antique jewelry in museum display cases. The modern-day fashionista can borrow some ancient style with the help of an elite group of jewelry designers. Zhao Xu looks at some of these most unusual talents.   Long before fancy feathers adorned the extravagant hats that accompany the Ascot Race days in England or […]

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Tapping timeless appeal

Antique jewelry must be expensive. That is the general perception, and it would be spot on, too, although the collectors are convinced that it’s worth every penny paid. Chen Yiqing often buys such one-of-a-kind designer rings and necklaces because “it shows off depth as well as wealth.” “Diamonds sparkle, but a piece of antique jewelry […]

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Heilongjiang: ‘Great granary’ of China’s north

With its climate advantages and some of the richest soil in the world, Heilongjiang province is known as China’s Great Northern Granary. Though its arable land accounts for only 10 percent of the country’s total farmland, Heilongjiang produces enough grain to feed one-sixth of the country’s population. Today the harvest is augmented by modern approaches […]

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Quality control at the core of Wondersun Dairy

Heilongjiang Wondersun Dairy Co., one of the most important suppliers and exporters of dairy products in China, enjoys a reputation for high quality after passing thousands of spot checks with a rating of 100 percent. “We attach great importance to management and product inspection to ensure the safety of the whole production line,” said Wang […]

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Harbin warms to progress

Northeast China’s ‘City of Ice’ moves into high-tech manufacturing, Todd Balazovic reports. Famed for its biting cold and towering ice sculptures, the northeastern city of Harbin is getting an international facelift as business deals heat up the provincial capital’s manufacturing industry. As China makes strides away from its reputation as the world’s factory toward one […]

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