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Classical opera comes to Met’s Chinese garden

The Peony Pavilion, a masterpiece of Chinese Kunqu opera from the 16th century, proved its durability by thrilling New Yorkers in a fresh production directed by Academy Award-winning composer Tan Dun. Co-produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the US-China Cultural Institute, Tan’s version blends the musical play with lush backdrops from the eight-gallery […]

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Chinese are attracted to branded British universities

Bentley, Burberry and Cambridge University. What we perceive to be the best of British products for cars and clothes are the shiny labels – those that scream: “I am the best”. Yet, carrying a Cambridge University certificate into a Fortune 500 company interview in Beijing, screams that out loud, too, for Chinese nationals, doesn’t it? […]

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The information age

A 10-year-old has become an online sensation for his micro blog posts about reinventing education in the Internet era. Xu Jingxi probes the mind of Sina Weibo sensation Feng Shaoyi. Ten-year-old Feng Shaoyi has been hounded by the media after his recent online post about his intention to quit school went viral on Sina Weibo, […]

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Fight against economic crime needs cooperation

Majority of cross-border fraud cases originate in Southeast Asia countries Beijing judges and experts said China urgently needs to reach agreements with other countries on legal cooperation to curb cross-border economic crimes. Since 2003, Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court has dealt with 118 cases of cross-border economic crimes involving at least five victims in […]

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