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City’s international legacy alive today

Though Tianjin may not be a household name among Americans like neighboring Beijing, the northern port city played a role in U.S. history as the place where a young Herbert Hoover made his fortune. The future president came to Tianjin in 1899 to work as an engineer for the Chinese Bureau of Mines and later […]

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Eco-appeal makes Tianjin ‘more livable’

Projects reduce threats to city’s main reservoir, Li Fusheng and Li Xiang report. These days, the environment in Meng Xuejun’s village is exceptional, the local leader said, but it has not always been this way.  “In the past, you could smell the foul odor of human waste and animal manure as you came near the […]

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During Spring Festival, every traveler comes bearing gifts

Newly married Wang Jing visited her husband’s hometown in Shandong province in East China for the first time. To impress her in-laws and other relatives during the Spring Festival, which fell on Feb. 10 this year, Wang had hand picked many presents: two smartphones, children’s clothes, bottles of olive oil and French wine. “It is […]

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Toying with new tech

Old-fashioned games give way to electronic devices, Shen Jingting, Chen Limin and Gao Yuan report. For Wu Jia, a 14-year-old student from Guangdong province, building blocks and model cars — toys with which he used to happily play — are no longer attractive. An iPad, which he bought with his hongbao (red packet) a year […]

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The sign of the snake

It’s not easy to think of a nice wish for this zodiac year, but the reptile is important in Chinese culture, Peng Yining reports. As a tradition, Chinese people greet each other with propitious words — to which the zodiac animals are usually related — during Chinese New Year.  Some years are easy, such as […]

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Theirs is the Year of the Snake

Editor’s note: As the Chinese New Year celebrations ushered in the Year of the Snake, China Daily’s photographers and correspondents looked for people from across the nation who were born in the corresponding zodiac year. Among them is a victim of leprosy who is spending her twilight years in a Guangdong province hospital. Another, a […]

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