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Work in progress

Chinese companies are playing a major role in African infrastructure development despite tough conditions, Andrew Moody and Zhong Nan report. Over the past five years, anyone visiting any major road building project or power station construction site in Africa could not have failed to notice the presence of some of China’s leading companies. These companies […]

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All roads lead to union

Behind the Africa’s highway boom, Beijing seeks closer ties to support its renaissance, Li Lianxing reports. When Chinese workers built the Tazara Railway connecting Tanzania and Zambia 40 years ago, people in those countries gained greater freedom of movement, and the link helped establish a larger market that provided a bulwark against the apartheid states […]

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Protection for unique culture and heritage

Notable achievements have been made in recent years to protect the ethnic culture –traditions, customs and artworks — in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region, according to the city government. The effort follows the central government’s call to preserve the cultural heritage, which is said to be both a witness to history and the […]

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Bronze sculptures continue to shine

On a cold day in February, master Tibetan bronze sculptor Migmar Losang and 26 apprentices were busy working on a 5.7-meter-high statue. “It’s of Je Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism,” said Migmar Losang, who operates a bronze workshop with his brother Thubten Tsering. “We will spend 45 days to complete the […]

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Living master of the traditional Tangka

Migmar Tsering took nine years to finish his massive Tibetan work, Daqiong and Hao Nan report. The Tibetan New Year of Losar celebrated on Feb 11 was “the happiest one” in the past 10 years for famed Tangka master Migmar Tsering.  “My eight apprentices and I finally finished a huge Tangka artwork before New Year’s […]

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Reforms ‘vital’ for success

Li said his government would strive to ensure all Chinese people enjoy equal opportunities and receive due rewards for their hard work, regardless of social or family backgrounds. But Li acknowledged that these are not easy tasks and could only be realized through deepening reforms and upholding the rule of law.  In reforming the country’s […]

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