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Tibet’s ecology improving

Environmental protection efforts have made headway in Tibet in the past five years and the government will continue to stress the construction of an “ecological civilization,” according to a government report. Released by the people’s congress of the autonomous region in January, the government work report found that the sustained ecological improvements in the region […]

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Eco-friendly development in Himalayas

Central, local gov’t investing heavily to protect environment, reports Zhang Zhao. Ever since a historic research expedition surveyed the ecosystem of the Himalayas in 2006, environmental protection in the region has been at the top of the agenda for the government and the international community. That year, scientists from the International Himalaya Scientific Expedition called […]

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Keeping it all in the family

Pilot project could provide big growth in incomes for farmers, Xie Yu reports. Cao Xinyun, 59, is the only male worker on his watermelon farm. In a tent he set up for temporary employees, 10 elderly women were drinking tea and eating sunflower seeds.  Cao Guifan, who has been growing rice most of her life, […]

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Insurance a cure for medical woes

Unified system urgently needed to protect migrants, He Na and Han Junhong report. An inflamed pancreas was the jab in the side Zhao Zhiqiang needed to realize that health insurance is a good idea.  “It was like torture. It was really painful and, even though it was more than six months ago, I’m still afraid […]

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Urbanization: No smooth road

Some of these clusters are huge, such as Chengdu-Chongqing in Southwest China. Another example is the urban sprawl in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River where 40 cities, with a total combined area of nearly 440,000 square kilometers, house approximately 160 million people. A convoluted history The story of urbanization is long and convoluted, […]

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Modern and urban aren’t the same

China’s new leadership has stressed the importance of urbanization for the nation’s modernization. But urbanization on its own does not equate to modernization. Even if more people from rural areas become residents in cities they will not enjoy a dignified life there without stable jobs. Instead they will simply and eventually create dual urbanrural structures […]

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