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Imperial delight

The Empress Dowager Cixi watched some 260 operas at the grand theater in the Summer Palace. It is now restored to its former glory and opened to the public. Zhang Zixuan checks out the facelift given to one of China’s cultural treasures. For the first time in more than a century, the sound of Peking […]

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Investors upbeat about banks’ outlook

ICBC’s share price rises despite sale of Goldman Sachs’ remaining stake Local investors remain confident of the medium- to long-term performance of leading bank shares, despite the sale of a $1.1 billion stake in one of the country’s largest banks by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China rose 0.24 percent to […]

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Wrongly jailed want more compensation

The lawyer of the uncle and nephew wrongly convicted of rape and murder and jailed for 10 years believes his clients deserve more compensation after a court announced it would award the men a combined 2.21 million yuan ($360,000). “The court should give more money to make up for their losses,” the lawyer, Ruan Fangmin, […]

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China, India in talks on trade strategy: Li

China and India are discussing boosting an equal and fair environment to promote two-way trade and investment, Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday in Mumbai. “There are solutions to helping the two countries maintain rapid growth in bilateral trade and investment,” Li said during an evening banquet at the China-India Commercial Summit. China has great […]

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The middle-class trap

World-watchers say China’s expanding middle class will become the most influential bloc on this planet very soon. But in the meantime, they are the ones who have to struggle most with new expectations, higher benchmarks and also battle ingrained lifestyle traditions. Liu Wei takes a closer look. Han Lin has not spoken to his father […]

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‘Lipstick effect’ hits China as economy slows

People are more willing to spend on small indulgences such as cosmetics Fang Jinqi, 32, said the most urgent thing for her at the moment is to develop a more thrifty lifestyle because her job as a property agent business is stagnating. The big fan of Hermes bags who used to buy a new one […]

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