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Land transfer boosts families’ prospects

New policy to allow transfer of land-use rights will help boost development of rural economy, report Wang Zhenghua in Anhui province and He Na in Beijing. When Shi Quan arrived in Fengyang, Anhui province, in 2006, he immediately sensed a business opportunity. He realized that the system whereby farmers worked scattered plots of often unproductive […]

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Local officials’ grip on power loosened

Party acts to counter abuses, report Jiang Xueqing, Zhao Xu and Wang Shanshan in Beijing. The Chinese leadership has listed combating the abuse of power as a priority of its reforms. The problem has become such a cause for public and governmental concern that the leadership has decided to tighten restrictions on, and supervision of, […]

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Latest plans will boost market growth

China’s decision to give the market a decisive role in the distribution of resources and other aspects of production, as outlined in the guideline document released at the conclusion of the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, is expected to help the world’s second-largest economy release some new […]

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A beginning, not an end

China’s family planning policy is to be eased at long last. The Third Plenum resolution, released on Nov. 15, reveals that China is to allow families in which either of the parents is a single child to have a second child, together with other reforms. The adjustment is considered to be a breakthrough in relaxing […]

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China reforms as West stalls

Expert sees few signs of hope for recovery in Europe and U.S. market. As the Third Plenum begins a decade of reforms in China, the United States and Europe are coping with a lost decade of liquidity traps, growth stagnation and sluggish recoveries. In the 1980s, the then-Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms and opening-up […]

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Reviving the spirit of ’78

Strong resolve is needed to deal with resistance, Tang Yue, He Na and Cui Jia report. Experts are still attempting to evaluate the potential impact of China’s blueprint for reform after a key Party meeting to discuss the nation’s future. The reform details were announced on Nov. 15 after being adopted at the four-day Third […]

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