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Educational opportunities from inland investment

Over the past 20 years, Tibetan students have enjoyed modern equipment and schools that inland provinces helped build.  The government of Jiangsu province has given 2.76 billion yuan ($452.4 million) over the past two decades to support Tibet and sent 408 professionals to work in four suburban counties of Lhasa.  Beijing has spent some 600 […]

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Milk of kindness in dairy initiative

Dairy cows introduced by aid programs from Jiangsu province are raising the income of farmers and herdsmen in suburban villages around Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region.  At Palding village in Tibet’s Lhunzhub county, 217 households, 69 of them impoverished, benefited from the  project and another 62 needy households have been given a boost through […]

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Helping hand of friendship

Beijing and Jiangsu province provide doctors, training and a range of other aid to Tibet, report Hu Yongqi, Phuntsog Tashi  and Palden Nyima in Lhasa. Late on a Sunday night last month, an insistently ringing phone woke Li Hongxia, an obstetrician from Beijing. The call was from Doilungdeqen People’s Hospital in Lhasa, capital of the […]

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Since ancient times, a stop on the ‘maritime Silk Road’

The national strategy to build a “maritime Silk Road in the 21st century” is providing Haikou with new opportunities for economic development.  Starting from port cities in China, the traditional route links to the Middle East and Africa along with East, Southeast and South Asia.  As a port on Hainan Island, Haikou was an important […]

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Haikou: Warm investment climate

In its latest effort to attract investors to the capital of Hainan province, the city government of Haikou hosted an economic and trade promotion campaign during the first China-Russia Expo earlier this month.  At the opening ceremony of the campaign, deals on eight projects valued at 33.55 billion yuan ($5.41 billion) were inked.  Last year, […]

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Bringing animated dreams to life

From studios in Xi’an, Victory Wind C.E.O. Han Han leads a team that tells tales from ancient China through film and games, Clare Buchanan reports. An animator is bringing China’s history to life through a series of games, shows and films made in and inspired by one of the nation’s ancient capitals.  Han Han combined […]

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