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Book tells story through ALS patient’s eyes

“I am an ALS patient, and I can only move my head. I type with my eyes – six characters per minute. In the past 10 months, I wrote an autobiography, and I would like to publish it. I want to use the earnings to buy respirators for other ALS patients who cannot afford it and are waiting for death. Could you help me to realize my dream?”

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Chinese, American professors believe birds were descended from dinosaurs

A Chinese dinosaur hunter has teamed up with American paleontology professors to publish an article in the December issue of Science that makes a compelling case that birds descended from dinosaurs.

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Foreigners flock to Taoism for natural balance

The ancient Chinese religious philosophy is attracting a growing number of adherents across the globe, as Xu Wei reports from Yingtan, Jiangxi province.

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Tills ringing in toytown where traders see huge opportunities

Jingle bells rang in the air and the sparkling decorations in many shop fronts clearly indicated Christmas was truly a joyous occasion in downtown Guangzhou.

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Cooperation marks 2014 US-China relationship

Beijing and Washington have witnessed “a rise after restraint” in their interactions this year amid China’s more proactive actions to lay out strategic cornerstones to prop up a “major-country diplomacy” that features stabilizing neighborhood, spearheading global economic development and weaving a network of partners, analysts said.

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Yunnan province to strut in Times Square

Chinese artist Yuan Xikun (left), from Yunnan province, and his Yuan Hong’an stand in front of the New Year’s crystal ball in Times Square in New York on Tuesday. Yuan’s art was displayed on a screen in Times Square and Yunnan culture will be featured in the Times Square Countdown. Lu Huiquan / for China Daily

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