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Congress plays essential role in lives of all Tibetans

This year, the region celebrates 50th anniversary of its legislative body, Hu Yongqi reports. As the Tibet autonomous region prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its People’s Congress this year, local legislators say the legislative body will continue to play an essential role in the region’s social and economic development and bring benefits to […]

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Preventing the loss of the Lhopa language

As the only deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress from the Lhopa ethnic group, Tashi Yangjen wants to do everything she can to speak out for one of the smallest ethnic groups in China.

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Sasha Obama took trip to China

The US president’s daughter Sasha Obama and the vice-president’s granddaughter Maisy Biden toured China through a school program earlier this month.

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Chinese investors well received

For the 150 investors from China attending a major investment forum sponsored by the US government, there was a keynote speech by US President Obama and the exposure to high-level US officials continued at an evening reception in Washington hosted by the ambassadors of both countries.

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Bullet trains make holidays less of a hassle

China’s growing high-speed rail network has made life a lot easier for people traveling home during the annual Spring Festival holiday rush.

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So many attractions, such little time

Chengdu was the first city in western China to adopt the 72-hour visa-free policy. If it happens that you, coming from one of the 51 countries listed in the policy, have valid third-country visas and onward flight tickets, you might consider spending three days in the city.

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