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Clearing a path for FDI

China’s service sector will attract more foreign direct investment than other industries over the next decade, as the country will open new market channels for investors to firm up economic growth under the new normal development model.

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FTZs provide room for economic reforms

Creating more free trade zones has given China more space to test reforms to foreign investment management, government supervision and the opening up of services for the new normal, experts said.

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Obama, Abe talk much about China

Although White House officials stressed that the state visit by Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe is about the US-Japan partnership, China was the nation that they mentioned most frequently during their joint press conference in White House on Tuesday.

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Abe avoids protesters at Harvard

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Harvard University and encountered protesters urging him to apologize for war crimes committed by Japan during World War II, especially to women from South Korea and China forced into sexual slavery during the war.

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Remote towns in Tibet remain cut off from help

The death toll in the Tibet autonomous region in the magnitude-7.9 earthquake in Nepal on Saturday rose to 25 on Tuesday evening. Four people were still missing, and 383 people were injured. Eighty-two temples were damaged.

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Evolution of an economy

For decades, so-called secondary industry has been a major contributor to China’s GDP. Yet as the country enters the era of the new normal, it is tertiary industry that will present substantial opportunities for sustainable, high-quality growth.

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