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The inside scenery just looks like a world of fairy tales.
Take a view of the scenery of an ice cave in Luyashan Mountain.
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    Brazilian wineries look more to China

    Built by Italian immigrants in the 20th century, Bento Goncalves has long been known as the hometown of Brazilian wine. The town situated in the southern part of the country, 100 kilometers from Porto Alegre, capital city of State Rio Grande do Sul, has many wineries.

    In a subtropical zone with a mountainous landscape, the town is a perfect place to grow grapes. In history, this area attracted a great many Italian immigrants who inherited the skill of winemaking from their ancestors.

    The first three months of the year make up the hottest season in the beautiful town, as well as the harvest time for grapes. Trellises can be seen everywhere in the countryside, with mature grapes hanging on vines. Trucks carrying grapes and wine move down the roads.

    Giorgia Forest runs the sales department at Aurora Winery. She said there are various kinds of grapes in Bento Goncalves.

    “Great wine comes from great ingredients, so the grapes we harvest guarantee the quality of our wine,” Forest said.

    She also pointed out that Brazilian winemakers, especially from the State Rio Grande do Sul, are looking to market their product to more countries of the world, among which China has been a main customer.

    “We started our business with Chinese clients in the year 2015. Although it is far from a long and permanent cooperation, we can foresee the potential of the Chinese market,” Forest said.

    “The trading keeps increasing and accounts for 50 percent of our whole exports now,” Forest said. “We managed to introduce several different kinds of wine covering all the price levels to China, which all got a positive response from the market. This is quite an inspiration for us; we now intend to dig more deeply.”

    Due to an economic slowdown in Brazil, domestic consumption of wine has decreased recently. Wineries in south Brazil have to come up with new marketing ideas to maintain their business.

    In addition to Aurora, Miolo is another wine brand that enjoys a good reputation in Brazil. Its winery is not far from Bento Goncalves.

    According to Anderson Tirloni, export department manager of Miolo Winery, the company has been selling its wine to China for four years. It now has five shops in Shanghai, Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong province, Sanya in South China’s Hainan province and other major cities of China. The wine is also available on Chinese online business platforms.