China Watch, previously known as Reports from China, is a paid supplement to the Washington Post, and is presented by China Daily. The international project started in 1996, and went online in 2010. It selects for the American readers the latest and in-depth news and analysis about China’s business, society and culture. Its content does not involve the news or editorial departments of The Washington Post.

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About China Daily

China Daily is the national English-language newspaper in China and is one of the most authoritative newspapers in the country. It serves as a key reference point for media and society worldwide. China Daily (US Edition) is the North American version of China Daily. Launched in 2009 and published Monday through Friday, the US Edition was created to provide news about China tailored to the North American readers. These materials are distributed by China Daily Distribution Corporation on behalf of China Daily Beijing, China. Additional information is on file with the Department of Justice, Washington, DC.

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