China Watch Photo Gallery

China Watch Photo Gallery

Spring scenery of Tibet

Photo taken on April 1, 2016 shows the spring scenery in Bomi county, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, March 31, 2016.

Cartoon versions of Three Kingdoms heroes debut in SW China

Cartoon versions of the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220-280): the god of war, Guan Yu, the military general, Zhang Fei, and the warlord, Liu Bei, debut in front of a shopping mall in downtown Zunyi, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on April 1, 2016.

Cherry blossom seen at Gucun Park of Shanghai

People enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom in Gucun Park of East China's Shanghai municipality, March 20, 2016. Currently there is a cherry blossom festival going on in Gucun Park.

Practice makes perfect: Preparing for Boao forum

Miss Etiquettes practice for the coming Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference in Boao, South China's Hainan province, March 18, 2016. The BFA will be held from Tuesday to Friday.

Venue of 2016 Int'l Horticultural Expo in N China

Photo taken on Jan 22, 2016 shows an imperial garden at the venue of the 2016 International Horticultural Expo in Tangshan, North China's Hebei province. The expo is scheduled for April 29 through Oct 16. The trial operation starts in March. The event is forecast to attract 10 million visitors.

Beijing sees blue sky during the two sessions

Pigeons fly above the Palace Museum under the blue sky in Beijing, March 10, 2016. Though smog shrouded the capital on the first day of the annual two sessions, the blue sky returned on Monday with good air quality.

81-year-old folk artist teaches students to perform as monkey

He Yujiu , an 81-year-old folk artist who learned to perform as monkey in the opera since 16 years old, held a class to teach children performing skills.

Chinese Lunar New Year Gala held in New York

Acrobats perform at the New York 2016 Chinese Lunar New Year Gala held in New York, the United States, Feb 11, 2016.

Ditan Park temple fair embraces Chinese New Year

The 5-day temple fair at Ditan Park (The Temple of Earth) in Beijing opened on Monday attracting many residents and tourists. Among Beijing's Spring Festival temple fairs, the event is a classic choice with its traditional flavor.

The festive ways of a wintry world

Most visitors to Harbin, are drawn to visit by the giant multistory palaces giving off polychromatic glows from within at the Harbin Ice and Snow Amusement World, the snow sculptures at Sun Island and winter sports such as skiing and horse riding on the frozen Songhua River. Yet, the winter fun there is just the tip of the iceberg with other parts of Heilongjiang offering different winter experiences for tourists to explore. The province has five classic winter-travel itineraries featuring skiing, hot springs, ice-snow sightseeing and polar region experiences in places like Yabuli, Mohe, Daqing and Qiqihar. For those like me from southern China who seldom see lots of snow, much less snow-ice-themed art, Heilongjiang does have a certain charm. Major tourist sites in the city, including the ice and snow world and Sun Island have experienced a 40-65 percent growth in visits, during the period ending Feb 28, 2015, the Heilongjiang tourism authority reports. More than 88 million tourists visited the province during the first nine months of 2015, representing a 22 percent growth year-on-year.

Top 10 most worthy villages to explore in China

If you are bored with the steel and concrete in cities and want to try something unique and fresh in your upcoming travel plans, villages that embody pastoral beauty and precious cultural heritage can always serve as satisfying getaways.

Rime scenery on prairie in Inner Mongolia

This photo taken on December 19,2015 shows the rime scenery of the Bashang grassland in Chifeng city,North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.[Photo/Xinhua]

First American woman who works as captain for a Chinese airline

A 48-year-old American woman with a Chinese name Jin Beili became the first female American captain working for a Chinese airline in October 2015 after passing various examinations. Jin has the Federal Aviation Administration pilot's license and the pilot's license of China's Civil Aviation Administration.

Laojunshan National Park in Yunnan embodies geology, stunning landscape

Covering an area of 1,324 square km, Laojunshan National Park is a 4A scenic area that is acclaimed for its rich geological and natural landscapes, diverse plant and animal species and a variety of ethnic cultural resources.The place was named Tai Shang Lao Jun, a legendary figure in ancient Chinese mythology and a widely recognized progenitor of Taoism.

Fantastic spouting Spring in East China

Spouting Spring is wreathed in mist after a snowfall in Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong province, Nov 24, 2015. Spouting Spring, also called Baotu Spring, is a famous spring in China.

Snapshots of the Old Town of Lijiang

Streets in the Old Town are mostly paved with cobblestones and houses are still kept in their original architectural style, which was typical in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Tranquility in the ‘Water Forest’

There is a unique scenic spot in Yutai, which is called the "Water Forest". It's basically a picturesque landscape where the boats and the people on them, when seen from afar, look like they are floating through a forest of redwood trees.

Bridge swap finished within 36 hours

Workers on Sunday morning finished reinforcing an old pivotal cloverleaf junction in a downtown Beijing commercial zone using a new prefabricated steel structure. The most challenging part of the overhaul, the replacement of the 1,300-tonne bridge structure, began at 11 pm Friday at the junction on the northeastern Third Ring Road.

Contemporary Asian ceramic art shines in Hangzhou

The "2015 Asian Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition" opened at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou on Saturday, and will run through Nov 17.

People practice tai chi in Henan

Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Perfectly combined with Chinese dialectical theoretical thinking, martial arts, art, Daoyin (breathing exercising) and traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi absorbs essence from traditional Confucianism and Taoism. It is thus good for people to nature one's temperament, physical fitness and improve one's attacking and defending skills.

World's longest envelop chain recorded in Hangzhou

Students and charity workers display envelops containing prayer cards in a heart shape in Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Monday.

Dancers perform sky ballet in Shanghai

Dancers from the Bandaloop dance troupe of the United States perform sky ballet near a skyscraper in east China's Shanghai Municipality, Oct 14, 2015.

Ancient bridges in China

Chinese people have built tens of thousands bridges over past thousands of years. The bridges have become an important symbol of Chinese ancient civilization, and demonstrate the intelligence and talent of ancient Chinese people.

Chinese Navy's training vessel arrives in Pearl Harbor

The Chinese Navy's training vessel "Zhenghe" arrives in the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the United States, Oct 12, 2015. The Chinese navy's training vessel "Zhenghe" arrived Monday in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, starting a four-day goodwill visit to the US.

Driving is a reality, not a dream, for the disabled

Hubei province. Chu lost his legs when he was 7 years old and got a driver's license in 2012. Since then, he's taught 50 disabled people to drive a car.

Visitors enjoy Van Gogh works via multimedia in Hangzhou

Visitors look at works of Van Gogh displayed through multimedia at a Van Gogh art exhibition in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Oct 5, 2015. The exhibition will last until Jan 3, 2016.

Daily life in old town of Kashgar in Xinjiang

Kashgar, the westernmost city in China, was the center of Uygur civilization for centuries, a place where people came together to trade and spread Islamic learning, on the caravan routes from Europe and Persia to China.

First ladies name giant panda cub 'Bei Bei' in Washington DC

Peng Liyuan and Michelle Obama give the name "Bei Bei" to a panda cub in Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington Sept 25, 2015.

2,000 contestants attend top spining contest in C China

Some 2,000 contestants from 12 provinces and cities participated in a top spining contest in Shangqiu, Central China's Henan province, Sept 20, 2015

Autumn scenery in Arxan of Inner Mongolia

Autumn scenery of Santan Gorge in Arxan of Hinggan League, north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Floral replica of the Great Wall appears on Tian'anmen Square

Floral replica of the Great Wall appears on Tian'anmen Square

Chaka Salt Lake: Mirror of the sky in China

"Chaka" means "salt lake" in Tibetan. Chaka Salt Lake is located near Chaka township in Wulan county in the east of the Qaidam Basin of Northwest China's Qinghai province. Silhouetted by the azure sky and floating clouds as well as mountains in the distance, the lake is the mirror of the sky in China.

Christmas comes early to Santa's workshop in Yiwu

Santa's workshop is not in the North Pole, it is in Yiwu, a city in China's Zhejiang province. Beginning in summer, the best selling items at Yiwu market are Christmas decorations. Yiwu is the biggest Christmas products market in the world and two-third of Christmas products come from Yiwu. Orders for Christmas products from overseas distributors started to come in during March.

Exotic displays of affection around the globe

Creative lovers think up original ways to display their affection for each other, such as kissing high in the sky, bungee jumping together, wire walking together, kissing underwater, getting married up in the air, in an igloo, or on a snow capped mountain. Let's take a look.

Breakfast in bed feeds Guinness Record number

A record-breaking 418 people gathered in the garden of the Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River Hotel in Beijing on Sunday to set a new Guinness World Records title – the most people eating breakfast in bed.

Toys, action figures take over Shanghai plaza

A three-day bazaar whose theme was toy and action figures was held in the new SOHO FUXING plaza in Shanghai, on August 8, 2015. The event displayed various kinds of dolls in different styles, including some real-looking and exquisite ones.Apart from that, a variety of accessories, crafts and articles of daily use also attracted quiet a number of customers.

2000-year-old tomb complex being excavated in Xinjiang

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a huge 2,000-year-old tomb complex in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The 100-plus tombs of various designs are scattered across 6 hectares of land 2 kilometers southeast of Pingdingshan village, Kazak autonomous county of Mori, said researchers with the Institute of Archaeology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. These ancient tombs from the Qing and Han dynasties form five round stone and soil burial mounds in total. The tombs are believed to have been built by nomadic tribes that have roamed the area for 3,000 years. Mount Pingding, south Mori County and in the northern foothills of east Mount Heaven, has been an ideal place for human activities since ancient times because of its gently rolling hills and exuberant grasslands. Horse skeletons have been unearthed from the tombs, and some large tombs were surrounded by piles of rocks, said Wu Xinhua, head of the excavation team. Wu said many tombs had been damaged, as local villagers picked stones from the tombs to build houses after mistaking them for an ancient military fortress sites. Archaeologists have begun excavation to prevent further damage to the sites.

Stunning Shu brocade and embroidery techniques live on in museum

Since ancient times, Sichuan has been well known for brocade and embroidery. The technique of Shu embroidery began to take shape in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220) and was one of the top four Chinese embroidery schools, along with Su Embroidery in Jiangsu, Xiang Embroidery in Hunan and Yue Embroidery in Guangdong. The most well-known among the four, Shu Embroidery has 120 kinds of stitches, and features fluid lines and bright colors, which look natural and vivid.

Pool table

Mahjong players cool off at Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan province on July 27. The park offers people a chance to escape the heat when they visit during the summer.

Proudly handing down Five Animal Boxing to the masses

Wuqinxi, or Five Animal Mimic Boxing, is a kind of internal energy training which imitates the movements of the tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird, and was developed by the famous ancient physician Hua Tuo of the Han Dynasty. It is now on the list of national intangible cultural heritage. 30 years ago, the 12-year-old Chen Jing was already a martial arts lover. In 1985, Chen Jing was chosen to compete in a national martial arts contest. But she had to perform a local kung fu style at the competition. Then she began to practice Hua Tuo Wuqinxi which is a traditional martial art form in her hometown, Bozhou. Since 1985, Chen Jing has been teaching Wuqinxi in public areas in Bozhou of Anhui province. She had also been invited abroad to teach Wuqinxi, in places like Germany, the Netherlands, France, UK and US. Whenever people come to Chen Jing to learn Wuqinxi, she never refuses and never charges them any money.

Setting the stage for yoga in scenic Huangshan

It's the hottest time of the year and the full bloom of lotus flowers at the Huizhou Chengkan scenic spot attracts visitors, as well as yoga lovers. Practioners of the health-conscious Indian discipline present their beautiful figures against the background of ancient Hui-style dwellings.

Creative use of fruit peel helps youngsters beat the heat

A boy stylishly wears half a watermelon as a hat.

Chinese character appears on ridge

A Chinese character appeared in the vegetation covering a mountain in Qionglai city, Sichuan province in this photo taken on July 17, 2015. It is still unclear whether it was formed naturally or planted by humans.

22 World Heritage sites in China along the Silk Road

There are 33 historical sites along the millennium-old trade route, with 22 in China's four provincial-level administrative regions (Shaanxi, Henan and Gansu provinces and the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region) together with eight in Kazakhstan and three in Kyrgyzstan. Here is a list of the 22 historical sites in China.

Chinese ballet performers dance at Lincoln Center in NY

Ballet performers dance during the media preview of the Peony Pavilion, a famous Chinese love story often compared to Romeo and Juliet, debuts at the Lincoln Center in New York, the United States, July 8, 2015. The Ballet Peony Pavilion originated from Chinese Kunqu Opera presented the premiere in New York on Wednesday.

Panda Xinxin celebrates birthday at Macao's park

Xinxin, one of the giant panda pair Kaikai and Xinxin donated by the Chinese central government as gifts to Macao, celebrated her eighth birthday in Seac Pai Van Park on Sunday.

Cooling off to escape the heat wave

As the hot weather continues to stay in most parts of China, people just think of ways to keep cool in the heat wave.

Homes on the wheels

As people seek more diversified travelling modes, the recreational vehicle (RV), once the symbol of high-end transportation method, has gradually stepped into the lives of more Chinese families.

Turning metal waste into robot-like artwork

Li Yujie, a man in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, transforms useless metal into works of art representing cartoon or movie figures or characters he creates. He uses recycled metal components to make the metal robot-like figures, ranging from the Bumblebee in Transformers to models he desgined himself.

Shanxi in the Eyes of Foreigners: Looking at the roofs

A foreigner traveling in China sees many wonderful things, and first among them are the beautiful buildings. When we look at these ancient buildings our eyes are drawn to their distinctive roofs more than to any other part. It is the roofs that first catch the eye, but it doesn't take long for one's interest to move from the buildings to the beautiful people who inhabit them.

Painter uses butterfly wings as canvases

After experimenting with candy and toothpaste, Mexican-born artist Cristiam Ramos is now using preserved butterflies as canvases on which to produce his artwork. He spends hours on each wing, painstakingly decorating them with detailed replicas of classical paintings.

Restored statue of Qianshou Guanyin reopens to public

The 7.7-meter-high and 12.5-meter-wide statue of Qianshou Guanyin in gold foil is said to date back to Southern Song Dynasty (1127 to 1279). The statue reopened to public on June 13, which was also the Chinese "Cultural Heritage Day".

Dancing through graduation

Dance students from Zhejiang Normal University pose for graduation photos.This series of group photos was praised for the flexibility and elegance of the dance students in Zhejiang Normal University.

Hunting foxes with eagles

The eagle explodes into the fox, talons first, harpooning the canine's back.There's the punch of impact, wallops of wings, then the crackling of the fox's spine.The predator-vs-predator death match is over.The prey lost.

Culture Insider: Mysterious imperial toys of the Qing Dynasty

All children love games. Although the traditional toys for children like clay figurines and cloth tigers are no match for today's toys in terms of variety and technology, they still brought children a lot of joy in ancient times. Let's explore the mysterious toys the little princes and princesses played with in the imperial court of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Children depicted by Chinese master painters

Some famous Chinese painters like to depict children in their paintings, including Li Keran, Feng Zikai, Zhou Sicong and Fan Zeng. Their paintings of children make us feel relaxed and happy, recalling childhood memories. Today is Children’s Day. Let’s have a look at the paintings of children depicted by Chinese masters.

Ancient shoe brand that 'fast-tracks promotion'

Neiliansheng is a time-honored cloth shoe maker that dates back to the late Qing dynasty (AD1853) in Beijing. It is said that whoever wears Neiliansheng shoes gets promoted quickly. Neiliansheng was famous in ancient China so the merchants offered the shoes to the nobility.

17 Chinese films with a Cannes Award

40 years have come and gone since "A Touch of Zen" was China's first production to gain recognition at the 28th Cannes Film Festival in 1975. At the 68th Cannes International Film Festival, director Hou Hsiao-Hsian's film "The Assassin" won the award for Best Director. Here we present to you the 16 Chinese films awarded in Cannes from 1975 to 2015.

Photographer captures Chinese on the train

Chinese on the Train is one of the representative works of China Photographers' Association member Wang Fuchun. Wang, who used to be a railway worker, photographed people on the train over a period of more than 30 years from 1978 to 2014. He traveled all around China by train and shot tens of thousands of pictures on the way.

Classical private school in Qinling Mountain

At 6 am, when most of their counterparts in the city are still sleeping, a group of students have already started their day with meditation in Qinling Mountain, Northwest China's Shaanxi province. The Zhongnanshan Academy was founded by Bai Zilin and his wife Hou Jie in early 2010. The private school, with nine students, mainly teaches students to read and recite Chinese classics, traditional Chinese medicine and archery.

Weird towns ruled by cats, dwarves and dead bodies

A village is overrun with felines, a dwarf city and a place where the dead outnumber the living 1,000 to 1, here is a whistle-stop tour of some of the weirdest towns in the world, according to a report by Mail Online website.

Cross dressing for Peking Opera

The 29-year-old man earned fame as a popular Peking opera singer dressing and singing as a woman, or a "nan dan", meaning man who plays a female role. 1.8 meters tall, the sturdy man has been playing "nan dan" for 16 years, a practice established at a time when women were forbidden to take the stage.

Favorite wedding ceremony locations of Chinese stars

Many Chinese stars have fled abroad to get married to the love of their lives. Scenic islands in Asia and fashionable cities in Europe and the US seem to be their preferred choices. Here we present a few locations where Chinese celebrities held their wedding ceremonies.

Camel caravan on the Silk Road

A large group of tea merchants on camels and horses from Northwest China's Shaanxi province pass through a stop on the ancient Silk Road, Gansu's Zhangye city during their journey to Kazakhstan, May 5, 2015. The caravan, consisting of more than 100 camels, three horse-drawn carriages and four support vehicles, started the trip from Jingyang county in Shaanxi on Sept 19, 2014.

Ten May Day holiday photos you don't wanna miss

Ten May Day holiday photos you don't wanna miss

Photographer captures changes in China

China Photographers' Association member Zhu Xianmin focused his lens on the daily life of ordinary people as early as the 1960s. His works not only play a vital role in the history of Chinese contemporary photography, but also reflect the changes in society and people's life.

Rescue teams work in quake-hit Tibet

Twenty Chinese people were killed in the Tibet autonomous region as result of shock waves related to a magnitude-8.1 earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday. The Tibet autonomous region government sent 21,000 tents, 23,000 cotton-padded coats, medicines, bottled water and food for the quake-hit regions, and dispatched dozens of experts on geology and civil engineering to the affected areas to strengthen advance warning capability and avoid further loss of life.

Down the memory lane: Bandung Conference

Bandung Conference, also known as the first Asian-African Conference , was held in Bandung in Indonesia from 18 to 24 April, 1955. It was held at a time when the post-war movement for national liberation in Asia, Africa and Latin America was vigorously surging forward and when the forces of imperialism and colonialism were met with heavy blows.

Rural life captured on film

China Photographers' Association member Zhang Huibing began his career in 1993. In his work Poetry of Zhongyuan, he records the routine lives of common people in Central China's Henan province in black and white images which are simple and unadorned. They give a strong flavor of life and an intense sense of history.

Shanghai auto show kicks off

The 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition begins Monday at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. The event, themed "Innovation for Upgrading", is scheduled to last until April 29.

Asian business aviation show opens in Shanghai

The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2015 (ABACE 2015) kicked off Tuesday at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It is the region's largest event dedicated to business aviation. It runs from April 14 to 16 this year. More than 170 exhibitors are scheduled to take part in the aviation industry event.

French street artist brightens up Shanghai village

French street artist Julien Seth Malland brightens up dark corners of the Earth with his colorful creations. He has now turned his attention to a Shanghai village.

Photographer focuses lens on China's rail history

Few individuals savor the sight of the world's busiest railway system more than Wang Wei, a 25-year-old photographer who's travelled thousands of kilometers to photograph China's trains. He has traveled 200,000 kilometers and snapped around 300,000 photos of all types of trains passing through various landscapes from plateaus and deserts to snowcapped mountains.

Tattoo artist uses ink to tell stories

Over the past decade, tattoos have become more accepted in mainstream Chinese youth culture with those aged between 16 and 28 is core customers.

The journey through blossoms

A CRH high-speed train drives through the apricot flower sea in Beijing's Juyongguan Great Wall, April 5.

World's largest reclining Buddha statue in Jiangxi

A reclining Buddha, a frequent theme in Buddhist art, signifies the Buddha Shakyamuni's departure into final nirvana. The gigantic rock work was constructed on a mountain in Yiyang county of East China's Jiangxi province and measures 68 meters high and 416 meters long. The statue takes advantage of the mountain's original shape, which was identical to a human body. Construction work started in 2002 and took over two years to complete.

Ming at the museum

A British Museum exhibition focusing on the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) attracted 121,000 visitors, making it the museum's biggest Chinese cultural heritage show ever in terms of numbers. Ming: 50 Years that Changed China ran from September to January. A survey by the London museum found 94 percent of visitors felt positive about the display.

Oldest method of salt production seen in Tibet

Markam county, with rich salt resources, has more than 3,000 salt pans to evaporate brine in the sun with an ancestral technique since Tang Dynasty (618-907AD); which is also the oldest method of salt production. This salt evaporation method was listed as one of China's National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009.

Dramatic changes for Chinese miners in the last 30 years

Coal has been front and center of the economic development of China as well as the pollution issues it now faces. In the last thirty years, conditions for Chinese miners have greatly improved, from work safety, working conditions to leisure, as younger, better-educated miners enter the mines.

Traditional skill on the verge of vanishing - tongs perm

Wang, 72, has kept the tradition of giving perm look to hair with tongs going for decades. Perm with tongs used to be popular in China before it was replaced by modern technology in 1980s, according to Wang, who started learning the skill at the age of 17 along with his elder brother. The tong method is not preferred by modern customers and people capable of the skill are rare. Wang and his brother each ran a barbershop since the 80s. His brother died in 2013, leaving Wang's the only barbershop in the town. Since not many people use tongs these days and special tongs are rarely on sale, Wang worries that the skill may completely die.

Now and then: Lottery dream fading

Buyers of lottery tickets are estimated to exceed 200 million, among whom 80 percent hoped to make a fortune overnight, according to an online survey in 2012. A big win appeals to many, but only a few are lucky enough to achieve it.

Qipao beauty in Chinese oil paintings

Shanghai native Chen Yiming, born in 1951, studied overseas and cooperated with the Hammer Galleries in New York for more than 15 years. Most of his paintings feature the qipao and Chinese beauty in a soft, demure and old-fashioned style.

Traditional villages: Home of Chinese culture

Chinese traditional villages are places that boast both tangible and intangible cultural heritage and have relatively high historical, cultural, artistic, social and economic values, but their continuing decline is worrisome. Here is a look at eight traditional villages collected in China's traditional villages catalog. So far, three batches, or 2,555 villages in total, have been collected in China's traditional village catalog.

Han-style Chinese beauties at Cambridge

Several Chinese students at the University of Cambridge held a Han-style photo shoot in February to promote traditional Chinese culture. The photos combining Chinese beauties and attractive Western architecture immediately went viral on the Internet. The Han-style costume, also known as Hanfu, is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people.

Early bloomers in Chinese paintings

Chinese painters love nothing more than spring flowers when they depict spring scenes. Those early bloomers bring the first burst of color onto the drawing boards of a new year. Here is a list of spring flowers in Chinese paintings. You may find some fabulous scenes of spring, and you can just enjoy the pleasant season without going outdoors.

Starry Night created by lens

A grapher has used a dazzling technique to snap a series of star-trails mimicking Van Goghs masterpiece Starry Night.

The craft of drum-making

The city of Yanshi in Central Henan province is famous for its craft in drum-making. The on-going Spring Festival is always the busiest time of the year for drum-makers in the city.

An old flame is putting on a new face

Sichuan Opera is one of China's oldest opera traditions. During the early years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), there were five independent local operas simultaneously prevalent in Sichuan province and surroundings. Overtime, they gradually merged and evolved into what is today called Sichuan Opera. This opera tradition is distinguished by a number of famous stunts such as the "face-changing" and "fire-spitting" tricks.

Spring Festival fireworks in New York City

The Lunar New Year celebration in New York started Tuesday with a special lighting event at the Empire State Building and a spectacular evening fireworks show.

Curve appeal: Images reveal changing Chinese fashion

During the early 1910s to the late 1920s, women were not allowed to reveal their bodies and traditional dress code still dominated the society. Even during sleep, they wore long vest stretching down to their knees to avoid exposing bare skin. At the time, breast-binding clothing was often practiced by the women because a flat chest was considered aesthetic. However, with the Western fashion blowing into China, more women began wearing revealing clothes and started showing their bodies and a so-called "breast liberation" took off.

New Year scenes preserved in old photos

A set of photos from the 1950s vividly depicts how Chinese families celebrated Spring Festival. The photos include a family enjoying a reunion dinner in Tianjin, pupils offering new year greetings to seniors in Beijing and crosstalk comedians performing at a gala.

Sleeping snapshots during chunyun

The Spring Festival rush, known as "Chunyun" in Chinese, kicked off on Feb 4. The road home, filled with excitement as well as weariness, is not an easy journey, as the photos taken in Beijing railway stations show.

Family members mourn air crash victims

Relatives of victims of the crash which killed at least 32 people in Taipei, Taiwan, mourn the dead at the scene of the disaster on Thursday.

Dances welcomes travelers on Chunyun journey

More than 20 train stewards and stewardesses stage a dance themed "Warm journey" in the waiting room of Nanjing South Railway Station, Feb 4, 2015. The annual travel frenzy known as Chunyun begins on Wednesday and will last for 40 days.

Now and then: Shopping through the ages in China

The ever-increasing popularity of shopping via mobile or desktop Internet has opened a whole new window to consumption.For Chinese people who still remember buying under quotas using rationing coupons, the change is especially dramatic. Let's have a look at how shopping in China has changed, from the 1950s to today.

The world in photos: Jan 19-25

Here's a look at some of the most striking images that reveal the major stories from around the world in the past week. Exhibition shows snowmen in flag patterned scarfs to mark the 45th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Russian people celebrate a hugging-themed holiday in cold winter. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show kicks off in NY.

Spanish woman's affection for tai chi

Madam Guadalupe, a 55-year-old lady living in Barcelona, Spain, has been practicing tai chi for almost 20 years. She's been fond of Chinese culture since childhood, and then had studied Chinese in a local language school for seven years. Now she can speak fluent Chinese. She started practicing tai chi since 1995, as a way to strengthen her body. In 1998, Guadalupe met her current husband, Zhang Xiumu, who was her tai chi teacher then. Sharing a common affection for tai chi and Daoism, the two were attracted to each other. Now tai chi has become an indispensable part of Guadalupe's life. She practices tai chi everyday and started two classes to teaching it. She said tai chi is not only a kind of martial art, but a complete system of fusing traditional Chinese culture, such as the ancient philosophy and medicine, which is a lifelong pursuit.

Graffiti appears on dismantled Shikumen buildings in Shanghai

More than 10 works of graffiti appeared on the ruins of dismantled buildings in the Shikumen area of Shanghai on Jan 20, 2015. The graffiti created by French street artist Julien Malland and his Chinese counterpart portrays vivid images of local characters. One of the works depicts a little girl holding a picture of an old house with a red Chinese character "chai", which means dismantle, written on it. Compared with the paintings displayed at art galleries, the graffiti beautifully combines art and commentary on life, making the current social issue more noticeable. For the local Shanghaiers, whose families have lived in the city for generations, the graffiti can bring back their childhood memories or strike a responsive chord in their hearts, because the disappearance of Shikumen architecture can create the feeling of nostalgia.

Culture Insider: 7 things you may not know about Major Cold

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Cold (Chinese: 大寒), the 24th solar term, begins this year on Jan 20 and ends on Feb 4. Major Cold is the last solar term in winter and also the last solar term in the annual lunar calendar. In this period, snow, rain and icy cold weather exert a big influence on people's lives. Here are seven things you should know about Major Cold.

Sina Weibo salutes the most bloggable celebrities

Weibo Night held by micro-blog site Sina Weibo, witnessing the presentation of 12 awards related to last year's most-talked-about events, topics and people at Shangri-La's China World Summit Wing last week. Actors, actresses and singers such as Huang Bo, Gao Yuanyuan, musical group Chopsticks Brothers and entrepreneurs including Ren Zhiqiang and Pan Shiyi walked on the red carpet in formal clothes before the ceremony started. Microblogs have become an important platform for netizens to get access to information, discuss public events and communicate with celebrities. Sina Weibo has more than 600 million registered users, with daily tweets totalling about 150 million.

Best wedding snaps in 2014

Here is a look at some of the creative photographs voted as the world's best wedding snaps from the last year. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) Awards features more than 20 categories. From the conventional Bride and Groom Portrait to the vibrant All About Light award - everything is taken into consideration. More than 20,000 images were submitted.

Girl uses nose to run online store

Guo Xiangge operates a laptop at her home in Linyi county, Yuncheng city in North China's Shanxi province. Born with brain paralysis, Guo could neither speak nor control her limbs. Now she uses the tip of her nose and chin to operate her computer.

Tourists heat up Beijing's frozen lake

Tourists place their ice vehicles in a series on the frozen lake of Hou Hai in Beijing, Jan 11, 2015. The 100,000 square meters rink is a must-go place for ice activities in winter in Beijing.

Ex-actress sells illegal ivory products via WeChat

"Ivory of African elephants, 80 yuan ($12.87) per gram, nicely carved…" This is just one of the ads Yang Xiaoxiao (pseudonym) posted on her WeChat. The 28-year-old former actress had been trading illegal rhino horn and ivory crafts, and other products made from rare and threatened species to her friends via the social network platform since October, 2013. The unlawful transactions were mostly completed via online payment and bank transfer so that they seemed less conspicuous.

Carpenter creates e-vehicle with wood in Shenyang

Liu Fulong, who has been a carpenter for more than 30 years, has made a wooden electric vehicle by hand in Shenyang city, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province. The car cost Liu more than 10,000 yuan ($1,608), and can continuously run for 20km once fully charged. Apart from parts like tires, car seats, lights, small brakes and engines, the rest of the car is made of wood, including its body, rear-view mirror frames and steering wheel. Liu said this is an upgraded version as he had made a similar one in August, 2014. Compared to the previous car, more parts of this new electric vehicle are made of wood, and the car has the top speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour.

China Daily Pictures of Year 2014

Among the many stories that China Daily published this year, hundreds were told through spectacular and often moving pictures taken by top photographers throughout the country.

Children step out of Daliang Mountain

Up to 93 children from Daliang Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan province study at a private music school in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province. The music school, founded by Kang Li, has begun to accept children from Daliang Mountain to study here periodically since the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. From her own experience, Kang thought children in the deep mountain needed her help. Born in backward and underdeveloped regions, the children from Daliang Mountain, mainly orphans, used to live in poverty. Many local people are so shortsighted that they don't let their children have compulsory education, which leads to child laborers as children there quit school to work. Kang's philanthropic activities have brought some changes to children in Daliang Mountain. After Kang's cooperation with local education organ in Daliang Mountain, more children will have the chance to step out of the deep mountain and become a fresh force to combat backwardness in their hometowns.

Ice scalers embrace stars in all their glory

These striking images show ice climbers scaling frozen waterfalls beneath incredible night skies.

Top 10 most popular cartoons on China Daily website in 2014

As the end of the year nears, it would be good to look back at what captured people’s interest when it comes to cartoons on our website. Here’s a look at 10 cartoons that proved to be the most popular.

Hebei senior beekeeper's sweet day

Yan Sichou, a 58-year-old man, whose children are away working in cities, has been supporting the family by keeping bees for more than 31 years. Yan lives in a town that is near a scenic spot in Shijiazhuang city, capital of North China's Hebei province. He keeps more than 80 boxes of bees, with each bee box carrying no less than 10 combs. In order to help her father, Yan's daughter even registered the honey as a brand, hoping that the move would help to make their product unique and increase the sales.

China to send first infantry battalion for UN mission

China's first infantry battalion to South Sudan is set for departure, marking the country's first infantry to participate in a United Nations peacekeeping mission. A rally was held Monday in the city of Laiyang in east China's Shandong Province. The dispatch was approved by the Central Military Commission and its Chairman Xi Jinping.

Nuns in a Tibet temple

Qingpu Mountain lies in Shannan prefecture, south of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet autonomous region. In the mountain, several nuns find an escape from the madding crowd and a spiritual home in Qingpu temple.

Ordinary life in China's southernmost city

Sansha City, located on Yongxing, the largest among the Xisha islands, was founded in July 2012 to administer about 2 million square km of islands, coastal areas and territorial waters in the South China Sea. The southernmost city of China envisages tourism as its economic engine, and administers three island groups, Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha, along with surrounding waters in the South China Sea.

Yearender: Chinese actresses who married in 2014

Look at those Chinese actresses who got married in 2014. Gao Yuanyuan, Zhou Xun, Tang Wei, Yang Mi, and Vivian Hsu, and their elegant wedding photos!

Old photos of Xi Zhongxun published

Recently, old photos of Xi Zhongxun, China's former vice premier and Chinese President Xi Jinping's father, were published by the People's Publishing House, some of which were published for the first time.

Top 10 must-see selfies of 2014

Whenever you hear a "click" sound and see people make faces towards the air, chances are that they just contributed another picture into the large selfie flow on the major social networking websites. Taking selfies has long surpassed its initial identification as a fashionable social trend. It has already made its way into people's daily lives and become one of the most important landmarks of this explosive information era. Oxford Dictionaries Online added the term to its lexicon last August. Everyone does it, from political tycoons, entertainment celebrities to adventure seekers and even NASA's rover on Mars. Selfies do not only mirror technological advancement but also reveal mass psychology. Why we tirelessly repeat this self-absorbing act remains a mystery, but one thing is for sure: we are all aware of the transience of time and unconsciously or deliberately want to lock the present moment in our memories. Here we pick ten interesting selfies to share. They are not necessarily records of the grand moments of the year but they could give you a glimpse into others' lives.

August 05, 2014

Weekly Photos from August 5th.

2014 Yearender: Life underground

It's cheap. It's punctual. And it's green. The subway, despite the crowds during rush hour, has become an indispensible commuting tool for city dwellers. The life of urbanites is increasingly intertwined with rail links, as China will soon surpass other countries in the combined length of its subway systems, which is expected to reach 8,500 kilometers by 2020. One can find almost anything on subway trains in big Chinese cities -subtle interactions, eccentricity, beauty, sorrow, secrets, kindness, generosity, wacky hairdos...As 2014 comes to an end, we take a look at a few of the many memorable moments underground.

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