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PLA, US military to work together

Top Chinese and US military officials agreed to further develop military relations and exchanges amid growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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Hollywood movies continue pandering to China market

I have long understood that the Chinese and the US economies are intertwined and interdependent. I am also aware that collaborations between the two sides in the movie industry remain frequent and consistent.

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Launches lead to ban on imports

China complies with UN resolution, halts DPRK coal, iron, lead, seafood

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Memo could lead to trade feud

US President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum on Monday to announce whether the United States will take the next step toward investigating China’s policies and practices on intellectual property, a move that would likely cause more tensions in bilateral trade.

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Chinese science teleported into the lead in quantum race

China has become the first country to send quantum keys-highly complex encryptions-from a satellite to a base on Earth, and to teleport light particles the other way.

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Success as a tourist spot endangers caves

Digitization, internet traffic used to ease number of visitors

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