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In US, demand surges for Mandarin lessons

As more than 1,000 Chinese language teachers gathered in Houston to exchange the latest ideas in teaching, education leaders from the United States and China recounted the achievement of Chinese learning in the US over the past decade on the opening day of the 10th National Chinese Language Conference on Thursday.

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Xi’s life experiences bolster poverty fight

As the president of the world’s most-populous nation, Xi Jinping has never taken the issue of poverty lightly.

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To go green, coal city taps tourism, IT

Anybody who lives in northern and central China must have terrible memories of the heavy smog that descended on the major cities there. The Ministry of Environmental Protection warned a total of 23 cities, including Beijing municipality, to issue red alerts on air pollution. Six of those cities are in Henan province.

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Beijing helps global system remain afloat

A World Trade Organization official in Geneva says China’s entry to the group in December 2001 is one of the most significant economic events in modern world history, mainly because of the move’s win-win outcomes in the past 15 years.

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China-led railway project connects 2 African nations

In the 1970s, China anchored the construction of the Tazara railway linking Tanzania and Zambia – a project that greatly boosted the two countries’ economies. A little more than 40 years later, a new episode of railway history was written, again with a Chinese helping hand, as East Africa’s first modern electrified standard gauge railway was inaugurated on Wednesday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Society honors I.M. Pei as ‘Game Changer’

Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei will receive the first Asia Game Changer Lifetime Achievement Award for “changing the world, one building at a time”, the Asia Society announced on Tuesday.

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