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Tmall offers US companies China insights

American enterprises of all sizes interested in entering the China market and serving the needs of its growing middle class can now leverage the big data capacities of e-commerce giant Alibaba and subsidiary Tmall.com to tailor their services and products.

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Gas deal could benefit Louisiana

The new China-US trade deal that allows Chinese companies to import more liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States could mean a boost to US export facilities, especially in Louisiana.

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China’s Generation Z has global conversation

While most Chinese teenagers are collecting red envelopes and watching fireworks, three were at the United Nations looking for solutions to global problems.

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US experts: China no currency manipulator

US economists and currency experts disagreed with the notion of labeling China a currency manipulator, a charge made by US President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign in the past year and half.

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Xi: Protectionism leads to ‘nowhere’

President Xi Jinping on Sunday called for firm steps to push economic globalization and boost free trade.

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VP hopefuls’ China record restrained Running mates hold first, only debate

While US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have used China as a bogeyman on campaign trails, their running mates, Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine, are much less known when it comes to China policy.

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