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Internet of things gets even techier

Thanks to the development of internet of things technology, drivers in Shanghai, however, are having an easier time. A driver can use an app to find an empty space in a parking lot, navigate to the location and pay the bill with a smartphone. Moreover, the app can calculate the probability of a space becoming empty by using information from the likes of parking ticket machines.

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Sandstorm engulfs a sixth of nation as flights affected, health warning issued

A sandstorm that engulfed one-sixth of China, including Beijing, turned the sky hazy on Thursday as particulate matter readings soared.

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Harsher measures will target smog

Curbing winter smog in the north has become a priority and challenge for air quality improvement, leading to harsh measures this year, the environmental minister said on Thursday.

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Children paying price for shortage of doctors

Target set to ensure one pediatrician for every 1,450 children by 2020

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Major centers look for ways to cure ‘big city disease’

Unbalanced urban and rural development is driving up the populations of China’s largest cities and resulting in a lack of basic amenities and social services. Du Juan reports.

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Court applies criminal law to data fraud

Falsifying environmental data to avoid pollution regulations is a criminal offense, according to a set of new judicial interpretations on environmental crimes formed by the top court and top procuratorate and released on Monday.

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