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Destroyer called one of world’s mightiest

China launched a new domestically developed destroyer in Shanghai on Wednesday, marking a milestone in building a strong and modern naval force, according to the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

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China leads the pack

In the run-up to the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress, China Daily will cover a series of key projects of national importance, showcasing the country’s huge improvement and relentless efforts in manufacturing upgrade and innovation.

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Flying Tiger finally coming home

The first Flying Tiger pilot killed in China’s War Against Japanese Aggression will be brought home to Kansas on Saturday after his family’s 13-year quest.

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Array could help solve cosmic puzzle

Imagine an explosion that can release 10 times the energy the sun radiates in its 10-billion-year life. It’s called a hypernova, one of the brightest and most powerful stellar events.

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WWII veteran who helped China laid to rest

At 7:40 am on Jan 25, 1944, 24-year-old Robert Eugene Oxford and seven other crew members were on a routine supply mission on their B-24 Liberator heavy bomber from Kunming in Southwest China to Chabua, India.

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Brown, China sign climate pact

California, whose economy is the largest among US states, on Tuesday signed an agreement with China to work together on reducing emissions, as hundreds of US businesses, cities and several states launched a “We Are Still In” campaign to support the Paris Agreement.

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