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Demand For Foreign Pilots Takes Off

Chinese airlines are recruiting more overseas pilots as the aviation market expands. Pilots say they enjoy the work, and records show their salaries are one reason why.

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Cluster of Flying Tigers relics found

Experts studying the history of the Flying Tigers in China said they have discovered the largest and most concentrated cluster of relics sites related to the legendary US volunteer air squadron, which helped China fight Japanese invaders during World War II.

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China going for the gold as troops’ competition begins

The Chinese portion of the International Army Games 2017, which includes six events, kicked off on Sunday, a day after the Games officially opened in Russia.

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Vehicles, aircraft, troops show readiness

The People’s Liberation Army’s parade on Sunday reflected the Chinese military’s latest efforts to strengthen its combat readiness and joint operation capability.

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Army of farmers grows into a formidable modern force

Almost 90 years ago, the predecessor of the People’s Liberation Army – the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army – was founded by the 7-year-old Communist Party of China. The new army’s creation followed a military uprising in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, led by the CPC.

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President is prime mover behind historic revamp of nation’s military

The People’s Liberation Army has been undergoing a historic reform guided by President Xi Jinping since late 2012, when Xi became top leader of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese military.

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