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Add rice to booming Arkansas-China trade

China’s recent announcement that it would open its market to US rice exports made the governor of Arkansas smile.

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Wang Yang calls for US tech exports to China

Wang cited China’s imports of integrated circuit (IC), which hit $227 billion last year, more than the importing of crude oil, iron ore and primary plastics combined. But only 4 percent of China’s IC imports came from the US.

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China’s global popularity on the rise, surveys find

When China began its reform and opening up drive in 1978, its gross domestic product (GDP) ranked 10th in the world, trailing not only the United States, but a host of other nations, including Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Brazil and Spain. In fact, it was smaller than the economy of California.

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US media lack public trust in coverage of China, Trump

Like many in China, I have long felt the US news media bias in covering China. Much of this, in my view, is due to an individual writer’s lack of knowledge about China, his political bias, the agenda of his news organization or political correctness in the United States.

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Pew survey: US global image plummets

The global image of the United States has deteriorated dramatically since President Donald Trump took office in January, according to the latest Pew Center survey.

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Chinese investment creating US jobs

For Rachel McGaw, an office manager who lives in a Rust Belt town in Illinois, working for a Chinese company has its rewards.

“I enjoy working here. I like my salary, I like my hours. I feel more valued because the company takes me and my feeling and my family into consideration,” said the employee at Wanxiang New Energy, the solar division of Wanxiang America Corp.

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