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Megacity attracts masses for Spring Festival celebrations

The Chinese Year of the Rooster has arrived and many people found that Chengdu, a national central city pinpointed by the State Council, was an ideal destination to experience traditional culture and folk customs, especially during Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Museum wedding honors past

Claudia and Chris Chuang entered their wedding ceremony at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in bright-red, flowing robes. They were followed by similarly attired groomsmen hoisting banners bearing the couple’s family names written in Chinese seal script style.

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Romance of silk

Cultural traditions of the ancient Shu kingdom are being preserved at a museum in today’s Sichuan province.

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Hangzhou serves up food culture

Hangzhou has long been regarded as a city of gourmet food and has a long history of cuisine culture. The dishes are reputed for their fresh ingredients, elaborate processing and natural flavor. Roaming some of the city’s streets is akin to being on a culinary expedition.

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Territory recorded in annals of the sea

Long before the onset of modern technology, a simple handwritten book, handed down from generation to generation over the centuries, helped Chinese fishermen negotiate and fish the waters of the South China Sea.

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Joy of the New Year

Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese, beginning when families get together to enjoy a feast on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

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