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Film gives face to ‘comfort women’

After decades of living in silence and shame, “comfort women” have been given a face in a new documentary that relays first-hand accounts of their brutal experiences during a horrific chapter of history.

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Abe’s plan to go to Pearl Harbor ‘hypocritical’

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s announcement to visit Pearl Harbor is a “hypocritical gesture” to cater to the United States rather than a sincere reflection on the country’s World War II-era war crimes, analysts said.

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Sincerity key in resolving disputes

China said on Tuesday that sincerity, rather than a nation’s size, should be used to gauge how it justifies its actions.

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Beijing looks to cure its medical malaise

Beijing’s emergency medical services will be subject to stricter regulation and greater scrutiny if a draft proposal currently being reviewed by the Beijing People’s Congress becomes law.

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Nail salon owners protest in New York

Hundreds of Chinese in New York’s nail salon industry rallied in front of The New York Times building on Tuesday, protesting state legislation requiring nail salon owners to purchase wage bonds and denouncing articles in the newspaper that led to new regulations for the salons.

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Video shows suffering of sex slaves, brutal war crimes

China’s State Archives Administration (SAA) has released a series of videos documenting the experiences of sex slaves at the hands of the Japanese military over 70 years ago.

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