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Top expats get chance to help lead

China will continue to strengthen preferential policies to attract top foreign talent, encourage more of them to play a leading role at universities, and further simplify work permit procedures, a senior official said.

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China to jump supercomputer barrier

China has started to build a new-generation supercomputer that is expected to be 10 times faster than the current world champion.

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Xi insists on ‘strictest’ controls in food safety

President urges harsher penalties for those who endanger public’s well-being

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Satellite to give clearer picture of global emissions

An observation satellite launched on Thursday by China to monitor carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere aims to provide a clearer picture of whether countries’ efforts to cut emissions are working.

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Chinese studying in US are assured after election

Any changes to immigration policies that might be proposed by US President-elect Donald Trump won’t affect the growing number of Chinese students studying in the United States, a US consulate official said on Tuesday.

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At home in Beijing, but still not locals

As the capital’s population grows the city government is facing a growing challenge arising from the application of the household registration system. Du Juan reports.

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