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Artistic Chinese landscapes explored at the Met

A millennium ago, the legendary Chinese landscape painter Guo Xi posed the question: “In what does a gentleman’s love of landscape consist?” The question is answered in different ways at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibition Streams and Mountains without End: Landscape Traditions of China.

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Christie’s Asia Week sale sets record

With bidders that included prominent collectors of Chinese art, the sale of Chinese art from the Fujita Museum in Japan reached $262 million at Christie’s, giving the New York auction house the biggest single-evening sale in Asian Art Week auction history.

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Museum wedding honors past

Claudia and Chris Chuang entered their wedding ceremony at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco in bright-red, flowing robes. They were followed by similarly attired groomsmen hoisting banners bearing the couple’s family names written in Chinese seal script style.

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Met’s China treasures go on block

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be selling more than 700 pieces of Chinese ceramics through live and online auction sales at Christie’s next week.

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Chinese family travelers take to museums

Instead of the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard, Liu Zichen, a Chinese student at a Los Angeles college, took his mother and aunt, both first-time visitors to the US, to the Getty Center, where an exhibition on Dunhuang art is on display.

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Met museum to focus on China

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be celebrating centuries of China’s influence on the West in its new China-themed exhibit, which focuses on how Western fashion designers were inspired by the country and incorporated elements of its art into fashion pieces.

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