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Chinese, Kyrgyz troops cooperate in anti-terror drill

About 700 border defense troops from China and Kyrgyzstan took part in a live-fire anti-terrorism drill in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Tuesday.

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Xi will visit Hong Kong for festivities

President Xi Jinping will embark on a three-day trip to Hong Kong on Thursday to attend a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

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3 sea routes planned for Belt, Road Initiative

China has proposed three marine economic passages connecting Asia with Africa, Oceania, Europe and beyond in a bid to advance maritime cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Singapore FM invites Chinese bids on project

Singapore welcomes Chinese companies to submit bids on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail, Singaporean Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan has said.

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Sino-Kazakh ties ‘set example’

China and Kazakhstan will tap their great potential for cooperation, including jointly building the Belt and Road, President Xi Jinping wrote in a signed article on Wednesday.

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Film gives face to ‘comfort women’

After decades of living in silence and shame, “comfort women” have been given a face in a new documentary that relays first-hand accounts of their brutal experiences during a horrific chapter of history.

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