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Restoring general of thunder in Boston

When Gao Jing, a conservator of Chinese paintings at the Museum Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), began working for the University of Michigan’s Museum of Art in 1988, he was the first and only conservator of Chinese paintings working in the US.

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China, India boost asset managers

Even as assets under management rose in 2016, companies that manage investments still face challenges, as net new flows – the industry’s lifeblood – were tepid and profit margins remain under pressure.

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Biotechnology incubator opens doors in Boston

Chinese investors have begun to shift target industries in the US to the high-tech sector and the trend just took a big step in Boston.

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Will China help US rebuild its bridges?

The $1 trillion infrastructure plan proposed by US President Donald Trump signals win-win opportunities for China and the United States, according to experts.

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Boston: a study in attracting Chinese visitors

Boston, like many US cities, is trying to increase Chinese tourism. It has the added benefit of being a major college hub, which it is using to entice Chinese students, and the city hopes, visits by their friends and families.

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Hangzhou baozi chain warmly welcomed in Boston

The cook slowly lifted the lid off a huge bamboo steamer. The delicate aroma of fermented flour came billowing out, like a magic cloud.

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