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Hollywood movies continue pandering to China market

I have long understood that the Chinese and the US economies are intertwined and interdependent. I am also aware that collaborations between the two sides in the movie industry remain frequent and consistent.

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China box office audit is ‘leverage’

Hollywood’s move to audit China’s box office may not turn up surprising new results about ticket sales, but it could give US lobbyists stronger leverage during renegotiations on how the US film industry does business with China, experts said.

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In China, blockbuster films still a big draw

Despite sluggish growth at the Chinese box office so far this year, the success of The Fate of the Furious shows that the appetite for Hollywood blockbusters is still there and won’t be going away for a long time, industry experts said.

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Court orders copycat cartoon to pay penalty

A Shanghai Pudong district court sentenced two Chinese companies to pay 1.35 million yuan ($194,500) to two Hollywood studios on Thursday for infringing on their copyrighted material.

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‘Broadway Classroom’ gives regard to China

The Broadway Classroom program, in which Broadway performers and American musical theater arts professionals provide training to youngsters, will make its international debut in China soon.

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Wanda chief advises Hollywood

Get back to storytelling in your movies instead of producing so many sequels and films loaded with special effects. China will become the world’s No 1 box office so put more “Chinese elements” in your movies. And profit, not politics, is behind his buying spree in Hollywood and his new move to lure movie making to China.

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