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Museum exhibit tells glorious tale of Chinese-American restaurants

The story of Chinese cuisine in the US is a long one, a tale of perseverance against prejudice that culminates in the Chinese restaurant cementing its place in the American culinary tradition.

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Liang case stirring Chinese generosity

Eddie Chiu has never seen so much of anger in the Chinese community, and at the same time, so much hope.

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Chinese groups speak out on Liang’s behalf

Chinese-American groups around the US are mobilizing in protest over the conviction of Peter Liang, a New York City police officer found guilty of manslaughter on Feb 11 in the shooting death of Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn stairwell in November 2014.

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Fallen officers’ sacrifice lives on

A year after the cold-blooded slayings of two New York City policemen, a ceremony in Brooklyn on Sunday emphatically stated that they did not die in vain.

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Nail salon owners protest in New York

Hundreds of Chinese in New York’s nail salon industry rallied in front of The New York Times building on Tuesday, protesting state legislation requiring nail salon owners to purchase wage bonds and denouncing articles in the newspaper that led to new regulations for the salons.

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City honors slain NYPD Detective Liu

The memory of Wenjian Liu, a New York City police officer killed in the line of duty, has been memorialized with his name on a street in the Brooklyn neighborhood where he lived with his family.

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