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Ancient relics uncovered in heart of former capital

Relics of the Fugan Temple, a historical site mentioned in ancient documents, were discovered in downtown Chengdu in June, unveiling the true color of the old Buddhist temple that was established during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420).

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Monastery returns pagoda body after 19-year nationwide search

Nearly 20 years after being stolen, a 1,300-year-old stone Buddhist pagoda body has been returned to its home of northern Shanxi province with the best wishes from pilgrims across the Taiwan Straits, officials said Sunday.

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Precious heritage given a makeover

On the northern bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River is the Samye Monastery. Boasting a 1,300-year history, this monastery in Shannan, in the southern part of the Tibet autonomous region, is the earliest Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

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A place where sutras, serenity and senior citizens hold sway

At first glance, the large building at the foot of Lingyan Mountain in the southwest of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, resembles an upscale holiday resort.

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Tibetans gather for sacred ritual

Thousands flock to hear Panchen Lama teach on ‘propitious’ day

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Coloring culture

Coloring books are taking on a new role as museums try to popularize historical relics through giving them a place in people’s lives.

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