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Smartphones Score Big With Indian Cricket

Sport gives Chinese manufacturers a boost in market “It’s an invasion of Chinese brands,” an Indian cricket administrator is reported to have remarked last week after Oppo, a Chinese smartphone maker, shelled out $162 million to sponsor India’s national cricket teams for the next five years. While the comment may have been in jest, it […]

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Machinery makers upbeat on US

Chinese construction machinery companies will continue to grow quickly, with more investment expected in the US, said industry insiders.

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Harsher measures will target smog

Curbing winter smog in the north has become a priority and challenge for air quality improvement, leading to harsh measures this year, the environmental minister said on Thursday.

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China could assume US’ role on climate

Climate experts said China could be well-positioned to lead global efforts to tackle climate change should the US pull out of the effort.

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China’s Generation Z has global conversation

While most Chinese teenagers are collecting red envelopes and watching fireworks, three were at the United Nations looking for solutions to global problems.

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China advised on dealing with Trump

In his first 10 days in the Oval Office, US President Donald Trump has already begun delivering on his top campaign promises, from ditching the trans-Pacific trade deal and building a wall on the Mexican border, to slapping a temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. As the president’s actions have stirred up a […]

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