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Ancient relics uncovered in heart of former capital

Relics of the Fugan Temple, a historical site mentioned in ancient documents, were discovered in downtown Chengdu in June, unveiling the true color of the old Buddhist temple that was established during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420).

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Rappers bring real China to the world

CD Rev, a rap group from Chengdu, Sichuan province, is expected to release a new single, This Is Our Generation, in October, a sign of the rising popularity of using rap to explain China to the outside world.

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Free legal aid program sees expansion

Justice Ministry plans to increase the number of people and cases that qualify for assistance

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New faces for gala

As a small gesture to its urgent craving for change, China Central Television on Monday announced that for its much-anticipated annual Spring Festival Gala, widely known as Chunwan, it will double the number of hosts this year. The eight-people team will include the gala’s first Uygur host, 32-year-old Nigmat Rehman.

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Censor’s role not one for mere mortals

Gone With the Bullets is a highly anticipated Chinese film. Unlike most films where the biggest suspense comes at the last reel, this Jiang Wen undertaking has a suspenseful beginning. To be accurate, the cliffhanger took place 11 days before the movie opened on Dec 18.

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A-list boredom with China’s fashion shows

Though glamorous models walk the runway and minor celebrities take up front row seats at China Fashion Week, the domestic fashion industry is lacking in star power and popularity, reports Gan Tian. A-list celebrities are coming out in force at fashion shows. Too bad none of them are showing up to catch a glimpse of […]

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