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China trade depends more on peace in South China Sea shipping lanes

When talking about the South China Sea, US officials, especially those in the previous Obama administration, liked to emphasize the importance of the shipping route to global trade.
The figure often cited since late 2010 is that $5.3 trillion worth of goods each year transit through the South China Sea.

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Nations must give, take, new report says

Absolute “winning” or “losing” is unlikely to occur in modern international relations, and concession is necessary during exchanges between countries, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday.

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Trump Taiwan phone talk stirs row

US president-elect Donald Trump has caused an unexpected diplomatic incident with China by taking a phone call from Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen, but the call itself is expected to have “very limited influence” and is not expected to affect the one-China policy, analysts in Washington and Beijing said over the weekend.

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Washington urged to ‘stop sowing dissension’

China said on Tuesday that the US is the root of “militarization” in the South China Sea, urging it to stop sowing dissension among countries in the region.

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Goal of FM visit to US: ‘tackle sensitive issues’

Ahead of Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s US visit this week, Beijing has noted the US defense deployment in Hawaii, hitting back at the latest US criticism that China’s presence on its South China Sea islands is boosting “militarization”. “China’s deploying necessary, limited defensive facilities on its own territory is not substantively different from the US defending Hawaii,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday.

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Wading through political waters

To Wu Shicun, a leading Chinese scholar on the South China Sea, much of the heat China receives on the sea’s contentious issues is due to many countries not being used to an increasingly strong China.

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