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IMF raises China forecast, sees risks

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday raised China’s growth prospect but warned of medium-term risks and called for accelerated reforms.

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Memo could lead to trade feud

US President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum on Monday to announce whether the United States will take the next step toward investigating China’s policies and practices on intellectual property, a move that would likely cause more tensions in bilateral trade.

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Second shipment of French wine sent by rail to China

China is set to receive its second test rail shipment of French wine this month as European logistics companies work to ensure they can deliver the product unaffected by varied conditions such trains encounter along the 11,400-kilometer journey.

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AlphaGo 1, human 0 in first of 3 games

Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo is one step closer to omnipotence in the ancient game of Go on Tuesday after it prevailed in the first of three matches against Ke Jie, a 19-year-old Chinese prodigy who is the world’s No 1 human player.

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Harsher measures will target smog

Curbing winter smog in the north has become a priority and challenge for air quality improvement, leading to harsh measures this year, the environmental minister said on Thursday.

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Experts rebuff Trump talk on China, DPRK

US President Donald Trump has overstated China’s role in solving what he called “the national security challenge posed by North Korea” when he said Beijing could do it “very easily if they want to”, Chinese analysts said on Thursday.

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